and the GOP thought Reverend Wright was a fanatic.  good Lord!!!  Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Christ on a cracker!  i'm really starting to hate this Jesus fella.  ok, maybe it's not his fault - as Ghandi said "i like your Christ, but i dislike your Christians."

so this fuckstick thinks that all non-Christians should get out of America.  how very American.  bring us your tired, your long as they're Christian.  plus, somehow i'm always confused about the claim "there is only one God - and his name is Jesus!"  wait, don't you have at least 2 other names for him?  that whole Trinity thing is tough to wrap your head around.

i think this is some pretty good insight into Rick Santorum's world.  i can't imagine his Opus Dei affiliated Church in Maryland is much different from what this colossal asshat is preaching.  i'm pretty sure that the President of the US is required to represent ALL Americans.  how can you when you believe in your heart of (coal?) hearts that they don't belong here? 

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Holy shit, this guy is fricking insane...

I have to say I'm glad I don't live in America anymore. I know there have been issues in Europe and it's not perfect but when I see stuff like this in the US I feel like I'm watching a history documentary about the middle ages.

It looks like some kind of histrionic poisonous cabaret.

Willkommen, Benvenue, Welcome!
Fremde, Etranger, Stranger....

Really ... is the setting that much different now than it was then?

he gets to preach his hate speech, endorsing a political candidate, all the while enjoying tax exempt status.  what a racket.  his church should be reviewed and he should be defrocked. 

If nothing else, Rick Santorum is consistent ... consistently SCARY.

The tenor of this event is no different from his speech at Ave Maria University, wherein he claimed that satan was attacking America, among other things.  It is also completely consistent with his bashing of institutions of higher learning and his endorsement of home-schooling as a preferred alternative to public schools.

The thing is this: so long as Santorum is only one of four contenders for the GOP nomination, stuff of this nature will likely remain on the back burner.  If by some chance Santorum actually GETS the nomination, media focus on his religious statements and associations should be nothing less than laser-like.  I would fully expect these matters to be the topic of at least one question during a debate, never mind political roundtable discussions on CBS's Face the Nation, NBC's Meet the Press, and ABC's This Week.  The ultimate result of this orgiastic indulgence in right-wing religious excess should be nothing less than a landslide for Obama ... or so one would hope.

It's worthy of note that, to date, he really hasn't been forced to defend his positions within the cocoon of the GOP primaries.  Sooner or later, he's going to have to come out of that cocoon and face the shit storm his words have created.

i think my favorite part of the whole mess is the 2nd video where they are praying for Santorum to be President.  he claims that they don't want to tell God what to do, but they hope he listens to their plea anyway. 

so....if he loses, will they shake their fist at the Almighty and ask why he has forsaken them?  will they realize that prayer is bullshit?  of course not, they just didn't pray hard enough.  or God works in mysterious ways.  maybe it's God's will for Obama to be reelected and assassinated.  that would make them happy.  then they could praise the shit out of Jesus!

"We don't worship Buddha, we don't worship Mohammad, we don't worship Allah, we worship God, we worship God's son Jesus Christ."

"I don't care what the liberals say, I don't care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation"

We discuss a lot on this site, one I am involved in at the moment is that we shouldn't call religious people stupid. Fair enough, I will call them ignorant instead.

i doubt that the leaders are stupid.  i doubt they are altogether ignorant as well.  indoctrinated? yes.  intolerant? yes.  power hungry?  yes.  greedy? yes.  hateful?  yes!!!!  self-righteous?  hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it's primary election day here in Illinois. And, the pundits and poll watchers are all predicting a large Romney victory. My personal feeling is they're probably correct. While there are certainly more primaries to come, I'm pretty much resigned it will be Obama vs. Romney this November. And, without Sanitarium in the race (unless he's the VP choice, which I seriously doubt), his religious extremism will be yesterday's news.

And, it's a shame. Because the fanaticism which he and his followers represent will be consigned to the back burner by the press - right and left. It will lie, bubbling and fermenting, without the hygenic effect of being exposed in the light of day for what it really is. Romney can't touch it, given his belief in the planet Kolob, magic underwear, and baptism of the dead. The best he can do is hope the religious extremists will vote for him based on their racism and vitriolic hatred of our current President. In the meantime, the toxic brew of fanaticism, ignorance, superstition, and hatred will continue to brew in the background of the dear 'ole GOP.

i firmly believe that the Evangelicals will sit out the election if Santorum doesn't get the party nod.  Evangelicals despise Mormons, so no matter how much they hate Obama they simply won't vote for Romney (as we're seeing in the primaries).  big win either way for BO.

Interesting how evangelicals, who are historically anticatholic, and voting based on their religious views, are supporting catholic Santorum over protestant Obama.  Why is that?   Once we get through this election, with the evangelicals and catholics who traditionally accused each other of being Satan's spawn, get back to their prior comfortable hate of one another?  Or are they now so happy to have the "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" gay scapegoat to pursue, they'll stay together as bedfellows?

it seems as though the two are becoming more similar than different.  as people continue to leave religion, as Atheists/Agnostics, etc. become more prevalent, and as Christians perceive an alleged attack on religion, we are beginning to see a "circle the wagons" type of strategy.  when your army is getting bludgened, sometimes you need to regroup and take on any allies you can find.

They're not supporting catholic Sanitarium over protestant Obama. They're supporting catholic Sanitarium over "Kenyan born, Muslim, black skinned Obama." In that scenario, which they firmly believe, even a Mormom is preferable. The only thing worse they could say about the President, in their version of reality, is that he is an atheist (which, I personally think he is - or at least agnostic). The Catholic Church may be the "Whore of Babylon" to the protestant tambourine bangers, but even a bad Papist Jesus believer is better than a "Mohammedan."




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