and the GOP thought Reverend Wright was a fanatic.  good Lord!!!  Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Christ on a cracker!  i'm really starting to hate this Jesus fella.  ok, maybe it's not his fault - as Ghandi said "i like your Christ, but i dislike your Christians."

so this fuckstick thinks that all non-Christians should get out of America.  how very American.  bring us your tired, your long as they're Christian.  plus, somehow i'm always confused about the claim "there is only one God - and his name is Jesus!"  wait, don't you have at least 2 other names for him?  that whole Trinity thing is tough to wrap your head around.

i think this is some pretty good insight into Rick Santorum's world.  i can't imagine his Opus Dei affiliated Church in Maryland is much different from what this colossal asshat is preaching.  i'm pretty sure that the President of the US is required to represent ALL Americans.  how can you when you believe in your heart of (coal?) hearts that they don't belong here? 

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Matt---great use of the word "asshat"  love that.  I have to agree with you completely.  I have no idea where these people get their ideas from.  The idea that only people who agree with his particular brand of superstitious stupidity can live here is utterly ridiculous and also quite dangerous.

I find it dangerous because so many of his flock will regurgitate that nonsense in their daily lives.  People like Terry do nothing more than sow seeds of hate.  I have no idea why a Presidential candidate would want to come within miles of a guy like him.  Oh wait...Santorum is just as batshit crazy as Terry. 

re: asshat - thanks, yet i can't seem to use it without the qualifier "colossal" in front of it. 

it's quite dangerous, indeed.  this kind of hate is promulgated from the pulpits and accepted as "the word of the lord".  well thanks be to your shitty FUBAR God.  it's no wonder that the Religious are so hateful towards others (as opposed to loving their neighbors), they learn it from their respected leaders.  ugh, makes my head hurt.

Well, I'd like a lot of American atheists and Buddhists to come to Canada :) .  Canadians don't fret so much about immigrants using their first language, government is more or less expected to be a secular deal and most of the controversial issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.) are already settled.  We can even elect a fundamentalist as our prime minister without so much as batting an eyelash.  Economically we're doing so well the American Peso may one day be replaced by the Loonie!

But seriously, the religious culture in the U.S. frightens me to no end, for the lives and health of women.  I'm expecting El Salvador-like abortion laws and Inquisition-like pogroms any day now.  What would Santorum and his religious cronies be saying if they weren't checked by modern notions of women working outside the home and having the right to vote?  He must be holding up the white flag to Romney and going down as the most racist, misogynist, homophobic, bigoted demagogue possible.  He probably owes that to his supporters.

Sounds like heaven ;)

I'm leaning towards doing this, if and when I ever decide to leave Japan. The more crap the US government doles out, the more I don't want to go home. :( And I love my home. Love my family... but this is not the land of the free that I once knew. I feel more free in Japan. Why would I go back to that?

(I've visited Canada a few times and I loved it there. No twisting of my arm to consider it as a next home.)

We seriously considered emigrating to Canada, but learned we weren't welcome because we didn't have the particular  professional skills they wanted or tons of money. Regular middle class folk can only visit, not emigrate.

Just watched the video. Disturbing stuff. But it made me wonder. The protestant reformation was partly based on not having someone between god and man, i.e., the priest. Didn't have to go to him to ask forgiveness, recieve sacraments, etc. So why are preachers necessary? I mean, wasn't a book supposedely written to tell one how to act? And if you have a personal relationship with a higher diety, doesn't that kinda trump someone standing at the front of the room to lead you? You have this relationship with the almighty already. You are saved. Shouldn't that be enough? Or am I wandering in the wilderness again?

I didn't know evangelicals were Ick Santorum's base.




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