Hello! I've been a member of this site for a little bit but haven't posted an introduction. I'm from Florida and I'm a high school senior who's going to University of Central Florida (Orlando) in the fall and probably double majoring in Creative Writing and Humanities, but I'm not 100% sure. Acting is my true passion so I will surely continue that outside of school. I'm not good at introductions. Actually I'm not good at social interaction in general, hence my habit of lurking rather than contributing- though I'm a lot more open on the internet where I can type my words rather than speak them. I have probably been an atheist for about four years but I didn't start calling myself one until last year, partially because I was uneducated on the subject. I've grown up catholic, but I was never a religious person, so it seems like a fairly natural progression. I'm obsessed with music, many types but mostly in the rockish vein.

Well, there it is. I took a stab at it anyway =D

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It was a good stab. Welcome and nice to meet you!!!
Since acting is your passion and you love music, may I suggest you check out the world of Broadway musicals? (Which just happens to be one of my passions.) I can particularly recommend the works of Stephen Sondheim.

Lots of actors tend to be shy people. Acting lets them hide out behind other personas.
ur hot. wish u lived in wisconsin.


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