I've been listening to a Teaching Company course titled Tools of Thinking. One of its lectures concerns Rene Descartes, who in his time was probably breaking free of Roman Catholicism's oppression.

I didn't suddenly quit Catholicism's intellectual slavery and become free. I doubt that Decartes did so, and so I tinkered with his famous line in a poem.

"I think,

Therefore  I am,"

Said the philosopher.

Those are the the first three lines of a lyric form devised by the American poet Adelaide Crapsey. Its five lines have two, four, six, eight and two syllables respectively. Here are the concluding lines:

Bunk! He didn't feel; he only

Half was!

The words all but fell into place.

Deal with it, rationalists!

Another, in  the form of a haiku, will follow shortly.

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Bunk! He didn't feel; he only

Half was!


And your other half?




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