I think we're not choosing our places for debate wisely enough...

We always choose times and places when it's comfortable for theists, but they can always retreat into their groupthink. I think we should be on the offensive when they are in their groupthink. We should protest outside of churches, boo them when they are walking to and from their car going there. We should make it HARD to be even a casual believer. Church sucks to go to already, but make it unbearable. We should bang on some doors, insult the parents for forcing their kids to believe as they do. Hold protests outside of a priest's house day and night. Follow the priest, boo him wherever he goes. Grocery store? Boo him as he's leaving his car, debate him in the store, on the way back.

They can't (legally) do anything as long as we don't try to stop them from entering the church. They can go to church, while we protest outside.

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You know, I don't like it when they come knockin' on my door buggin the hell out of me, asking me if I know Jesus, if I am saved, and whatever else they do to annoy the hell out of me. So out of respect, I will leave them to their own devices. Atheists already have a bad reputation. I, for one, will not add absolutely unbearably annoying to the list. We have our wits, reason, sanity, and logic going for us. But, I am sure you are just being sardonically funny! Good one!! :)
See how crazy it sounds when it's the opposite?
All those things that I said, religious nuts already do and we accept it.

Before anyone else replies, I'm not serious. This was just showing how crazy it sounds when atheists stoop down to the level of obnoxious Christians.
Exactly...hence, the sarcastic remark! Again, good one. It does prove how ridiculous they can be...




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