Hey thought this was kinda funny. These bible beaters were at my school handing out new testaments to the kids like they do every year. Last time I checked people weren't allowed to hand out anything religious on school grounds. There were 3 or 4 of these people standing out on the sidewalks going into the school handing kids these books and asking "Have you accepted God as you savior." Just wanted to share this and get it out in the open.

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I am not certian if it is illegal or not, but it shouldn't be illegal.
This is one of those things where I repulsively agree.
If they were invited and endorsed by the school (if its a public school,) then it is illegal. If, as is more likely, they are just individual nut-jobs, they can spout whatever buffoonery they desire.

If there are strange adults hanging around a bunch of school kids, that is kind of creepy and may be illegal.

yeah, they can't do that. I remember getting a little red bible years ago in elementary, but that came to a halt shortly after i left. I can't believe they're doing this in 2009. This definitely sounds like something FFRF would like to know about. Sue the school. I can't believe the boldness.
The authorities would definately have been called if they were handing out pamphlets on Satanic worship or a bunch of Qur'ans...
Exactly. This is what is so funny about the christian persecution complex. They scream persecution when there really is none, but don't hesitate to do to other groups what they would not want done to them.
If they're on the sidewalks and not actually on school property then it's legal, sadly. The Gideons do it every year (they gave me a lime-green New Testament when I was 11), and if anybody objects they and their RRRW supporters scream "persecution".

All the while they're the ones claiming gay people are recruiting. Funny, but I've never seen homos standing outside the schools thrusting copies of "Positively Gay" into the hands of school children.

How about we get together and hand out excerpts from "The God Delusion"? Next thing you know the fundies will be screaming for it to be illegal to go within 100 yards of a school or to hand anything to a student.
I remember getting my little Gideon Bible in fifth or sixth grade. I don't know what possessed me to do it but I took the bible and felt a page between my fingers thoughtfully. The lady handing them out asked what I was doing. So I told her I was seeing if the pages were a good thickness to roll a joint with.

Now I'm not really sure I even knew what pot was, I just knew that would be blasphemous. And after my fourth grade experience with religious louts, I was down with blasphemy.
you are a goddess
Those sorts of creeps seem to always be on my college campus. One guy was walking up to gay guys and telling them they were going to burn in hell. There was a small riot...campus cops were called out. The guy wasn't forced to leave though. The cops simply made sure he was on the sidewalk, and let him stay.

That guy made a lot of people PISSED!
I mean this guy and his buddies were maybe 10 to 12 feet away from the entrances to the school. I kindly accepted the little bible.
Went and told my friend who is the only one outside the family that knows I'm an atheist that I was going to give it to my cats to play with because they love eating paper.
We went and told our principal that they were on school grounds and he said "yeah you're not the first to mention it" and he just went back to doing his work.
Kinda makes me want to move to the Twin Cities.
When I was in grad school, the Jews for Jesus used to come onto campus and hand out pamphlets. A small group of us produced a pamphlet for "Californians for Moses" (we professed to be just like Democrats for Nixon) and handed them out just down the path, the next time the Jews for Jesus came. Most people didn't get the joke. We even had a cartoon drawing of a surfboard-riding Moses holding the tablets entitled "Hangin' Ten".




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