Hello fellow atheists,

As you might have noticed, I deleted my blog. To show this was not out of rage, or indignation I would like to shortly explain myself. Jim the Atheist posted some really poignant comments. I did highlight his first because I really did start the blog to get outside perspectives. His comments were what I started the blog for! I just own my own perspective and it is far from perfect. And, although I'm not as far gone as Jim suggested, his points were definitely valid.

I spend the day trying to wrap my head around the implications of what he said. Later in the day I asked some people if they agreed with my conclusion. There is no real use in bothering my family with my worldview. The validation I was looking for was selfish, because it did not respect my sisters views. And most importantly: every life has it's own route, preventive intervention does not work.

This evening I apologized to Tina. I told her: "I love you, I know you love me, what was I thinking there was more to gain than that?" Funny thing was that she didn't really understand what the fuzz was about. An hour later, she started another conversation about differing worldviews. I will not start discussions anymore and will manage my objections even more than I already did.

I love the saying: "we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions". I know my intentions were good and see that reflected in Tina's response, yet I'm happy someone called my out on my actions.

Thank you all for your support and your counter-views.

Sincerely, Bar Weinig.

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I'm impressed.  Your actions do prove that one of my more merciless accusations was absolutely wrong. 

You are not a narcissist. That's clear now.

Many of us (myself absolutely included) have narcissistic tendencies that, while real, do not satisfy the diagnostic criteria for true or "full blown" narcissism. 

Good for you, Bar.  That's a really big deal.

Thank you, Jim. That means a lot to me.

This seems a good step. Thanks for sharing.




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