I want to break free from the Sabbath but i always fear something bad will happen if do something "wrong"

I stopped keeping the sabbath (church, ministries) but i still feel anxious about doing stuff on saturdays (going out, attending birthdays, watching movies) even a simple walk in the park is triggering and i always feel like im going to hell like every day every second. i need help! im sick and tired of keeping the sabbath its nauseating

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Larry, the Catholic schools my dad sent me to answered "Which god is the right god?" by saying the Catholic god is the only god.

When a god is the only god, it can be a real SOB. IMO, it was.

Paraphrasing Richard Dawkins, what if all those good Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, and others are all wrong, and only making the Great Juju at the Bottom of the Sea madder and madder?

Or, in other terms:


Cthulhu's Corollary to Pascal's Wager: What if you pick the wrong god? 

Convenient of them, but only works when we have one paradigm to work with. As soon as we get more information than they can wave away their system collapses. 

Larry, even then it does not work as long as the god is omniscient knows you are fake-assed punk.

An omniscient god might still accept someone "faking it until they make it".

"Mystic atheist" Jim Huber has a critique of Pascal's Wager that's worth a look, specifically clarifying that it calls on you to do more than just "believe in God", and that the cost to you for "believing" is far from zero. He made some changes between the original version on his old website (I particularly like the inscription around the first illustration!) and the current version of "Pascal's Sucker Bet".

"People are dying, now, as I type, because of their religion, or because of somebody else's religion. There are people refusing medical treatment because it's "against their religion." "There are people killing other people over religion."
~ Jim Huber

If there is a power that some people call "God" and I do not believe, yet, I conduct my life in a compassionate and caring way, that all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present energy recognizes my values and ushers me into whatever that reward is. 

If there is no power called "God" and I conduct my life in a compassionate and caring way, I can use my mental, physical, and emotional energy to good ends.  I can learn and apply practical and efficient communication skills; I can learn how to work with others to solve problems and resolve conflicts, I can work to build productive soils, sequester water, and create a food forest, I can share with others from my bounty. I can fight the coming smelter and protect the exceptional qualities of this land built of volcanic forces, molded by ancient ice ages, and shaped by raging waters coming from the melting ice ages. I can confront the radical right and left political operatives who fail to represent you and me and our interests. 

I can stand tall and proud, with the strength of knowing I treat others as I want others to behave toward me. 

Joan, in three sentences Jim Huber seems confused.

1) He doesn’t distinguish between people dying because of their own religion or because of the religion of others, as if suicide and homicide are the same.

2) He denies people the right to refuse treatment.

3) Finally he gets it right; there are people killing others over religion.

I think he does indicate people die

1. because of they own religion and people die

2. because of the religion of others. 

3. he doesn't deny people the right to refuse, he gives people the right to choose. 

4. people kill others over religion. 

1. You FEAR?

2. Something BAD?

3. Do something WRONG?

Jandell, you set yourself up to fail existence! That is like looking in a mirror and saying "I'm fat!" One says that out of a lack of body image and never will see themselves as anything but fat. You choose to look into that religious mirror that's telling you "Jandell, you're not worthy".  But it's your mind image. Choose to be who you want to be. Get a mirror and a hard object and hit that mirror and break it! Take back who you are!

Sometimes it takes time to break completely free from religion, this is normal. I could not say aloud that there is no god for some time after I knew I was an atheist. Evidently there was some block in my brain that saw some sort of seperation. Just keep studying religion and it will get easier.




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