I was asking my Wife, "As an Atheist, what do you say when someone sneezes?"

It is customary to say "Bless You" when someone sneezes, but as an atheist I refuse to say it.  

So, what does one say?

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Are you OK there?
Perhaps you are right, but is has become common courtesy to say something.
"Gesundheit" (German for "health") has worked for me and continues to do so. I can't see as it has ever been within my purview to "bless" anyone ... so I don't!
Here is the Dictionary meaning of Gesundheit

1914, from Ger., lit. "health!" Also in toast auf ihre Gesundheit "to your health" (see sound (adj.)). Lith. aciu, echoic of the sound of a sneeze, has come to mean "good luck, God bless you." See also God.

So Gesundheit doesn't seem to fit for me.
George, the topic of what one says when someone sneezes has been discussed many times on the site. In future, please search the site first with a keyword or two before posting a discusssion on a topic that has already been discussed many times before.

The FAQ is an excellent source of information, and shows two different methods of searching. Just by using the search term "sneeze", I came up with at least 10 pages of sneeze discussion.
Wow! Your comment is worst than the wrath of god. At least he doesn't exist. Can I be forgiven, for bring up the topic again, or must I be condemned by this forum for eternity.
I'm only a minor deity here, so my wrath only extends within the confines of the site. The only worship I ask is the occasional tossing of some good chocolate in my direction. Even then, that's not required, and doesn't give anyone Chosen status.
Welcome to Atheist Nexus.

Most every site I'm aware of has Terms of Service (TOS), Site Rules and Guidelines, and/or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We have all three here. They can be found in the black bar at the bottom of every page.

I can't think of one of the earlier sneeze discussions that has been closed (for example, and not to flagellate George), so it would be easy to revive them. Here the convention is to revive an old discussion, unless your proposed topic takes a new and different spin on an old issue.
You could always say, "Allah bless you" and substitute a different god each time: Zeus bless you, Odin bless you, etc etc

Etymology: German, literally, health, from gesund healthy

It's what I grew up saying and what I began saying even more often after taking a German class and learning it's actual definition. Also, it doesn't bother me that it has come to mean God Bless you, I like to chalk that up to people's ignorance and hearing people tell me it means that just makes me giggle.
I say: "Gesundheit", which is German for health




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