I was asking my Wife, "As an Atheist, what do you say when someone sneezes?"

It is customary to say "Bless You" when someone sneezes, but as an atheist I refuse to say it.  

So, what does one say?

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"You are so good looking"? Had to do it.
EEEEOOOWWWWW....Hope you didn't get any of that on ya!
I say one of three things, Excuse yourself,cover your mouth. or Knock it off!
What do you say when someone says "god bless you" to you when you sneeze? It seems rather petty to say, no thanks or I don't believe in god but saying thank you kind of annoys me because I hate to acquiesce to their superstitions. When someone else sneezes, I just don't say anything. Its a stupid tradition. You don't go saying something when someone coughs or farts.
I will join the Gesundheit camp, as I am a literalist and it fits my way of thinking.

As for what I say when someone offers any blessing or prayers for me, my stock answer is

"Thanks for your concern, but as I don't believe in your god, I am not sure if he believes in me."
I say "bless you".
I also say "oh my god" when taken aback and a lot of "oh god" during sex. To me these are just expressions saying which does not make my Atheism any weaker. I don't get annoyed when someone uses such expressions either. But say "I'll pray for you" and I'm ready to rip you in pieces lol
I've never had a problem with "Bless You". Most people have already dropped the god from in front of it and in no way is it an affirmation of faith of any kind. At least not today.

I can also tolerate most faith based expressions when the're used (Oh god, OMG, good heavens), and actually like a few of them (OMFG, good hell, holy shit, etc...). I'm not even bothered when people pray for me, (it should demonstrate how futile it really is).

As for what does offend me:-
god knows best,
god will provide,
god willing,
the islamic "insha'allah"
countless others.....

The words on their own are meaningless. It is more the context in how they are used. When one fails at a task or has a shortcoming it is too easy to say...god will provide, or it was not in god's plan to do so. I cannot express how much that angers me!
Thank you for your replies.

I have closed the discussion for further comments because the Thetan who is controlling my body is concerned that the numerous email that are coming from cyberspace might cause the return of Xenu.




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