I thought I’d browse the membership photos. OK, there are W-A-Y too many good looking females on this site‘s rolls; too good looking to be Atehists or Agnostics anyway. I think they mistook this for a singles site and are trolling for godless husband material. I guess I could be wrong (please let me be wrong ;-).

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I’m sure that’s true to some extent but you seem to be very cynical about your bretheren’s “beliefs“. As you can see from my pic, I’ve been around a while and had a chance to experience all sorts of religious teaching and it STILL does nothing for me except to make me feel terribly sorry for those who spew christian dogma without anything to back it up. In fact, when I try to start a conversation with these ‘christians’ all they do is say, “I’ll pray for you”. That is the sum total of their defense, truly sad. Brainwashing is a dangerous thing.
Social Sites gives us women a chance to be vain. Well atleast I've been guilty of this in the past (myspace angles,etc).
It's not just here! Check out the member photo thread on FSTDT sometime. Heresy just seems to draw in the gorgeous women.

I can't explain it, because luckily I'm not dumb enough to question it!
Heresy is sexy. Sounds like a future novelty shirt.
I had an ex boyfriend several years ago that told me that he used to fool around this priest. But he got pissed off because the priest wouldn't acknowlege him in public. So one time they had another sexual encounter and he used something for a dildo on the priest, and when all was said and done, he showed the priest the item that was used as a dildo was…

…the cross the priest carried around.
Good thing he’s you EX boyfriend :-).
Well, he was crazy, but I thought that it was hilarious that he did that.
I hope i'm not out of line here, but i've browsed single sites and networking sites a few times, and i can tell if someone is christian by the way they look. Don't ask for details, because i can't explain it. I'm not 100% accurate, but close. I don't know if i'd be as accurate with spotting an atheist, but the women on here are unique, interesting, and yes, good looking. Maybe the eyes give it away? Xtian eyes say "i'm gullable", and atheist eyes say "i'm allergic to bullshit, watch it sucker".
I think the only women who would be "trolling for godless husband material" would be atheist or agnostic women.
OR god fearing women who want to walk on the dark side :-)
Well, Mr B, this was sort of meant as a joke. I am well aware that these pics always show the best and not all of what is said or shown is complete unadulterated truth. I just like to fantasize, kinda like the christians do at this time of year ;-).
*derisive laugh* Because females can't be smart and hot at the same time!




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