I thought I’d browse the membership photos. OK, there are W-A-Y too many good looking females on this site‘s rolls; too good looking to be Atehists or Agnostics anyway. I think they mistook this for a singles site and are trolling for godless husband material. I guess I could be wrong (please let me be wrong ;-).

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Ah, Becky. Smart and Hot. The best of both worlds!!!!
"too good looking to be Atheists or Agnostics..."

We atheist women can't be intellectual AND good looking?
Well, that's ok -- I'd choose brains over looks any day!
(I have a great personality!)
[Computer programmer/science lover/college graduate (magna)/proud to be a geek.]

I'm just kidding you -- I know you didn't mean ALL atheist women must be unattractive. I think perhaps I'm a little older than the women Uomo mentioned anyway -- my peers see nothing cool about my atheist status.

By the way -- love the Darwin fish in your bike!

Off topic: I plan to retire in Tennessee or Kentucky -- I'm curious if you find it at all difficult to be an atheist in the area (my guess is it's much like Indiana). I'm a bit of a hermit, but will always want to be involved in science/atheist/etc. discussion groups.
Hi Jude, I’d take brains over beauty too. I’m smarter than I am good lokking :-). In KY we have an atheist organization and it is active especially since we have to deal with Ken Ham and his “Fairy Tale Museum”. It’s tough to be a non believer in KY though. I’m in central Ky a Baptist and Fundie strong hold. I “preach” my non believer philosophy whenever I can but it is, as you might expect, met with things like “god did it”, “god doesn’t make mistakes” and “prove it”. That’s the depth of intellectual banter around here. The place is full of righteous hypocrisy so it’ s an easy target. It’s kind a fun actually. If I were you, I’d move to KY and not TN. In TN they doen’t teach creation OR evolution in schools so my contetion is that there should be no one living in TN. That argument is lost on the ignorant. So, “C’mon down”.



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