I Wasn’t Born An Atheist. I Was Born A None. I Came to Atheism and The Journey Took Too Long.

What inspired this discussion?

What inspired, or fomented, it are the claims I’ve seen here that some were born atheists.

Why so impossible a claim?

Were they wanting to be among the first to board a metaphorical train?

Okay, claim away, and take a seat in a metaphorical first class coach.

For the rest of us, coming to atheism is a personal journey.

Something else inspired it too, an essay by a Chris Reeve titled Science Is A Personal Journey.

More to come. In the meantime, what say you?

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I wasn't born a believer, but my mother and, when we were around her, my grandmother were busily remedying that.  And I took to it early on. 

I did vary from the pattern in one way.  About age ten I decided that, if there was a loving god, then there couldn't be a hell.  I stuck with that apostasy from then on, but I clung to the rest until decades later, when I started critically examining what I believed.  Bit by bit, it fell apart in my hands. 

My present status is that, when it comes to the religion I was taught, I reject it. 

My key reason?  God says "Hey, Abe (Abraham), you and Ike (Isaac) meet me at Sacrifice Rock.  And bring the knife."  Then this perfect being tells Abraham to kill his son as a sacrifice to this god thing.  No way.  So I became an atheist where Christianity is concerned.

On there being some magical wisdom floating out there and making the universe happen?  I very much doubt it, but I'll be an agnostic where that's concerned.

Note that this position took me decades to reach, and could be subject to change in the future. 

But I don't expect it will.

Issue of whether one can be born an atheist depends on how one defines atheist. If one's definition requires abnegation or positive denial then one can not be born an atheist. 

The significance of the assertion...i was born an atheist...is belief requires indoctrination.




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