I Wasn’t Born An Atheist. I Was Born A None. I Came to Atheism and The Journey Took Too Long.

What inspired this discussion?

What inspired, or fomented, it are the claims I’ve seen here that some were born atheists.

Why so impossible a claim?

Were they wanting to be among the first to board a metaphorical train?

Okay, claim away, and take a seat in a metaphorical first class coach.

For the rest of us, coming to atheism is a personal journey.

Something else inspired it too, an essay by a Chris Reeve titled Science Is A Personal Journey.

More to come. In the meantime, what say you?

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Aw-ww, Bert. For what reason(s) do you denigrate dicks?

I wanted Larry to speak for himself (using a first person pronoun), not for me (using a second person pronoun).

You’ve done some politics. Did no one ever tell you that speaking for others is a non-consensual grab for power?

A. Far be it from me ever to denigrate dicks; dicks are a few of my favorite things, even more than 

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

B. Just who are the "others" you're accusing Larry of "speaking for?" He made a simple assertion that spirituality doesn't arise spontaneously as an instinct, but has to be inculcated. That may or may not be true, but it's an interesting claim well worthy of consideration.

 You should have stuck with the Catholics and become a Jesuit. methinks.

Bert, your post arrived as I was about to edit mine to read “For what reason(s) do you bad-mouth dicks?”

Larry wrote:

You have to learn to be spiritual, you can avoid being religious, but atheistic is the default until someone starts trying to program you. 

He spoke for others with his first word, ”You....”. his eighth word, “..., you....”, and his final word, also a “...you.” Three strikes.

He could have written something like:

”I had to learn to be spiritual, I avoided being religious, ....” etc.

I a jesuit? I had some serious sinning to do.

Tom, that is just pedantic crap...

Frankie - the Pedantic Crap Anti-defamation League would like a word.

How Trump-like: you had to make this all about "you."

Frankie, synonyms for pedantic include abstruse, academic, erudite, formal, learned, precise, and scholastic.

Thank queue.

Having studied math and science, and having almost studied law, I eschewed ambiguity, which poetry requires.

I stole the cheese rather well, didn’t I?

Naw, Bert. If I were Trump-like I would have made it all about me. [:> )]

Clever! About dicks, I mean!

Posting can be fun.

Prove that you weren't indoctrinated in spiritualism, please. 

Larry, in debates about words and their meanings I use dictionaries, usually either the OED or the New Oxfoord American Dictionary (NOAD).

Doing so can introduce new issues because dictionaries have two uses: descriptive or prescriptive (telling how people have used words or specifying how people shall use words). NOAD says ~ism involves communication with the spirits of the dead, or is a philosophical doctrine.

We had been discussing the word “spiritual”. Was your use here of the word “spiritualism” an accidental typo?


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