Since Sanders withdraw from the elections. Clinton's foreign policy  is way worse than trump and she endorses Israeli terrorism and zionism. As capitalism has failed America with the number of homlessness and peopless homes is increasing, many college kids are graduating in debt and not finding a job, police brutality on african-americans , and sometimes whites. I am a Libertarian Socialist and if Trump wins the economic crisis will become worse so the Americans will start a revolution. But Clinton is a democrat, but a corporate elitist and upper class white liberalism is much worse than white conservatism, because at least a conservative politician you will no that he/she is an @sshole, but white liberalism fools you. In addition white liberal feminists don't bat an eye about police brutality on afro-americans , hispanic women , native americans , men's rights , middle eastern women.   

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  • Something I might expect from someone living in Beirut Lebanon.  You can vote?  Full of agenda and folly.

And yes, Clinton has her faults, but a vote for Trump is a vote for disaster.

Interesting position and justification.  I don't care for parts of Clinton's foreign policy, but I have no idea what Trump's is, if he were to have one.  Your confidence in the American people creating a revolution under Trump amazes me; the American people so far have been impossible to galvanize into even a movement, much less a revolution.  Still, your expectations and choices make interesting reading.

Trump has been repeatedly saying that it's time to stop being the 'world's police force'. He is correctly pointing out that the expense of trying to defend nations that do little for their own defense (Europe, Asia) is huge and counterproductive. The odd thing is, this is one position that seems to terrify the elites of both parties.

By contrast Hillary is basically a neocon hawk, very much a part of the political machine (both Dems and Repubs) that created the current mess.

Trump won't solve your problems and will only add to America's problems. Things may look bleak but I doubt that America is going to start any revolution. Those that think so (or think it is on and they are a part of it) are usually just fringe area criminals wanting to promote some alternative lifestyle.

I may not like a lot of what goes on but at least I never did believe that it was "all about me" in the first place. We have a lot of national issues but it is not likely that the presidency will address them unless that office does so as the chief purchasing agent of the USA, guiding things along while also trying to keep the peace. It's all about "business as usual" first and then how everything else fits in secondly.

Somewhere in all of that above mess is where your human rights issues fit in. We have many but they will only be addressed in extreme necessity.

AC, did you forget your meds again?

I'm spoofing. Trump is all but guaranteeing a Clinton win.

There are any number of reasons to oppose both candidates, but Trump would be a disaster as President: he is inexperienced in government and politics, ignorant of the law and the Constitution, and has a vindictive temperament that obliges him to take revenge on anyone who disagrees with him. His notion of leadership is restricted to winning at making deals and punishing his enemies.

Trump's tax plans would give a windfall to the top 1% and create an enormous deficit. His immigration plans are unclear in general, but the portions that are clear are not feasible legally or logistically. He plans to eliminate the Commerce Department—there goes the National Weather Service, the Census Bureau, and the Patent office. He say he will sign an order on day one ending gun-free zones in schools and colleges—something the President does not have the power to do. He indicate he would fire generals—again something not within Presidential power.

Trump is simply unqualified by experience, knowledge, and temperament for any high office.



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