At this link you will find a letter that denounces NASA's support of Climate Change having human activity as a major cause:

On that webpage you can find a link to the report regarding this letter.

If their motive is looked at carefully, what would we find?

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Tom, I have been known to fall for people's spoofs and Susan has saves my backside several times. However, in this case, I knew you were spoofing and made a feeble attempt to spoof back. I'm not good at that either. 

In any event, I had this nice little vision of you out putting pontoon around your house and sailing off to the Pacific. Unfortunately, my imagination ended with you stranded on the ocean garbage pit. 

Joan, I too sometimes miss a spoof. Having been through a few Pacific Ocean storms while in the Navy (aboard ships small enough to brag that during storms we got sea pay, flight pay, and submarine pay), I saw your house on pontoons not as a spoof, but as being way less than seaworthy.

If it matters at all, I think I caught the sarcasm.  I just didn't believe it because it so unlike you.  I think it was a very good attempt.  I was unsure about the last sentence, however.

Susan, of course it matters what you think; your comments are ones I always read. I usually share your joke or your disdain. 

The last sentence? Are referring to my imagination of Tom putting pontoons on his house as the waters rose and him sailing off into the Pacific garbage dump? If that is the one, Tom had said he wanted all the climate change discussion to stop so he could enjoy his time on the beach, unaware of coming doom. I imagined him putting pontoons on his home and blissfully sailing off into the sunset. Sadly my vision turned ugly as he got caught in the currents and ended in the Pacific garbage dump.

Tom also indicated the photo I found was not a seaworthy structure; I realized it wasn't when I chose it, but I couldn't find any other pontoon houses that so clearly represented what I meant. There were lots of other photos of lovely floating homes and I was more interesting in pontoons. 

Goodness, that is far more information than you need or want. It seems there are problems when one says too little and too much.  

That is the post I am referring to.  Like I said I got the spoof in the whole thing but the last sentence, which was, Ya, I think we should be quiet and let you enjoy your not being aware.   It came across as a bit pithy to me.

Susan, that makes sense. It was my feeble attempt to say, join the crowd, put your head in the sand, deny there is a problem, Rest In Peace. And of course Tom would not do that. 




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