I would like to know who makes comments to what I write.

For example,today Thursday August 27th,someone called Vera wrote to me.I would like to know if she is Vera Drake.Other people has commented to what I write but I cannot find their comments.Then,how can I comment or defend me about their comments.Yours truly,Jaime Paredes-Muñoz form Lima ,Peru

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If you're referring to Atheist Nexus, you can simply click on the names of the people commenting, and read their profile. If the information you're seeking is not there, leave a comment on their page asking your question or, send them a friend request. Once someone is a friend, you can send them a private message.

If someone has made a comment to you, or about you, in a post on this site, you are welcome to respond in that same post - you don't have to contact the person privately. If you do contact people privately, please make sure your messages are polite.
I try to be polite to most people ,except fanatics.




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