From the Debunking Christianity site.

 "A large number of popular skeptic personalities including Aronra, Thunderfoot, TheThinkingAtheist, Matt Dillahunty, James Randi, and (possibly) Richard Dawkins will be participating in a 24 hour fundraiser for MSF/Doctors without Borders today, starting around 11:00AM EST.   The show will be broadcast HERE A big collection of Ebay items have also been donated for the event, including signed books from John Loftus, Jerry Coyne, Hemant Mehta, Lawrence Krauss, and Richard Dawkins.   The auctions can be found HERE. All donations and auction proceeds go directly to Doctors Without Borders. This is a great event for a great cause.    Hope to see you there!"


                                                       John Loftus


The auction is well worth a visit some very cool stuff there

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