atheist billboard campaign.

I wonder how long one would last before enraged christians deface it.

These billboars get to the point of christian ignorance about their own religion, their hypocrisy, their vile maleficent deity,   In the vein of 'Awkward Moments Not Found In Your Children's Bible".

Or maybe they just wouldn't get it?

Or it would backfire and more christians would demand theocracy?

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If you want to see 'em, blow the idea by David Silverman.  If anyone has the chutzpah to go public with stuff like that, HE DOES!

As to whether christians will "get it" or not, I have no idea.  What it WILL do is raise some hackles and start some conversations, and that second at least has the opportunity to be a good thing.

For people who contribute to their kickstarter, there is an option to get postcards of the billboards.  That might be fun to leave in waiting rooms or at people's front doors, like jehovah witness tracts.

Hey, do you wanna be Jehovah's witness?

No, I wasn't even there when he had the accident.

I love these billboards. I'm sure that they won't have any effect on committed believers except maybe to annoy them, which in my opinion is in itself reason enough for putting them up. With any luck though, they will also spark little a "hmmmm" moment or two in those who are questioning or on the fence, i.e. not totally delusional.

That "hmmmm" moment might be a good thing,   Slow chipping away, tiny bit by tiny bit, at the fortress of faith.

The billboards also help the faithless, by promoting understanding that the christian / jewish bible is not a work of love, and the christian god is a malificient character worthy of condemnation, not the "god is love" so many promote.

I bet more than a few children heard variations of this theme.

  These billboards are sophomoric. National Lampoon style from the '70's.

Not much better that when i sarcastically sing horrible country songs blaspheming, sacrilegious and heretical  songs of  sex magik rituals with the sheriffs and preachers daughters in a stolen church mobile filled with precious bodily fluids,  giggling nude girls handcuffed and emptied evidence bags, liquor bottles, vibrators, black candles, etc. flashers on parked sideways in the judges handicapped parking space to my jesus loving brainwashed co-workers.

These particular signs, such as the first and third presented, will have a backfiring effect, but we cannot stop fighting the brainwashing. some children have to know that they are not alone in their disbelief's like I was all alone in my rejection of divine writings, interventions, etc. Till I came across some writings in middle school from unlikely sources and buddhism, only the forrests and bayous were my sole teachers that the paternal god was a man made answer to a difficult question.

The children will hear the bill o riley style televangelists uproar first from the backseat on the way to school, but he/she will see, and will know ,albeit in small comfort, that his/her dissension is not alone.

"Or it would backfire and more christians would demand theocracy?"

I believe that billboards or not, we are inevitably heading toward theocracy in America. I believe all the reports about the slow dying out of Christianity might have been a bit premature. Chris Kirk of reports (dated 1/26/2014, 6:30 pm) that thousands of schools in the US are using taxpayer money to teach creationism in science classes, while at the same time casting doubts on evolution, global warming, and cloning among other things. Many of the supplemental science textbooks provided to these schools come from the Discovery Institute. The following is a direct quote from the Slate article: "It’s no coincidence that the Discovery Institute, a creationist think tank that provides such “supplemental textbooks,” helped write the bill, which the American Association for the Advancement of Science described as an “assault against scientific integrity." The bill to which the article alludes is the Louisiana  Science Education Act of 2008.

How many of the children in American schools being taught this bull crap are going to grow up to be deluded and brainwashed theocrats ? 

I believe quite a few, Tony, and the direction we are going now is very sad. Religionists are fast getting others to believe that America was founded so they would be free to worship their god. This wasn't the case at all, but they want you to believe that.

Recently on You Tube I ran onto videos about how god won't heal amputees. This was countered by a religionist who claimed it was not true. He said that Jesus healed the lepers, and that leprosy ate away body parts, so this was proof that god did heal amputees. Where did this man get his proof?

"But the bible says . . . . ."

They just cannot understand why this is ZERO proof. Nevertheless, if we don't take a stand to stop it, theocracy could be on the way.

Anthony, I worry about that backswing of the pendulum too.  Even so, my brain is capable of holding to contradictory thoughts at the same time.  I feel optimism too.  

With each generation, it seems there is movement away from religious - sanctified persecution.  Imperfect and incomplete, but movement.  Religiosity was key in Jim Crow law, opposition to women's rights, and persecution of LGBT people.  By giving more rights to the religiously-sanctioned oppressed, we chip away at the horrendous hegemony of religion.  Religion then mutates, and returns with a slightly more inclusive version of itself, but also maybe with less hold on the religious.  Im guessing about that.

Having driven though countryside and towns and confronted by plethora of religious billboards, I speculate those in-your-face ads serve more than one purpose.  They may bring more into the churches, I don't know.  They also serve as monuments to the power of the church, as Joan recently reminded us with a quote from Ozymandios.  They give psychological support to the religious.  

I would like to see more atheist billboards, especially ones that highlight religious hypocrisy, so that the only voice on the road is not that of the christian.




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