"Dr." Jimmy Hays, Th.D is the founder and president of the less than wonderful Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, Georgia. He is an alumni of Liberty University.

Unlike accredited schools, Andersonville doesn't teach math, English or history. Only the Bible is taught. "Dr." Hays considers all other subjects to be "junk". One of the classes taught by "Dr." Hays in his heavy southern drawl is entitled "Anthropology-The Doctrine of Man". Here is an excerpt from from the CD:

"We live in a world where people teach the doctrine of evolution all the time. And they won't let you teach the doctrine of creation in the public schools, or for that matter in many private schools, because they say that there is no evidence that God created man. Rather they'd rather go with the theory, and that's all it is, a theory, that man was evolved from monkey and that is amazing to me because we still have monkeys today and no men are coming from them. And so if man came from monkeys, what stopped man from coming from monkeys now?"

It is obvious that "Dr." Hays knows nothing about either evolution or anthropology. Nor does he seem to know what a theory is. Such ignorance coming out of schools such Andersonville is not surprising. Their graduates delight in calling each other "Dr." as they make a living spreading their asinine doctrines. Personally, I would never denigrate the term "doctor" by applying it to seminary graduates.

Would you?

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My sister goes to a Nurse Practitioner instead of an MD....but she has always been a little weird about men in general.  (And she has Asperger's Syndrome, so she's weird about a lot of things...a JW who is also seriously fascinated with science, for example.)

I always smile, or laugh, when a truly educated person refers to "PhD" as "Piled higher and Deeper."  But many of them have done original work and contributed to our advancement in real knowledge. 

Always remember that Charles Darwin was originally studying for the ministry when he took time off to travel on the HMS Beagle....and he changed our understanding of biology forever.  With some help from his friends.

PS: Darwin's Birthday is Feb.12...same as Lincoln's




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