Perhaps it's a subtle plan to raise the average IQ of the Human species?


One idiot at a time.


I dunno - Does religion make you crazy?  Is water wet?  I know lets go swim in the reservoir and find out.

Fundamentally it comes down to Moron Vs Water = Dead Moron.


I've no sympathy.

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I get more frustrated every day trying to figure out how people can be so stupid. From the flavor of the article, it sounds like at least he didn't reproduce.

I guess comments about walking on water would be in bad taste.

 Another one bites the dust. I hope he gets the Darwin award.


If the insane always killed themselves off, the world would be a better place.

That sounds a bit Austrian?

Check out RichardDawkinFoundation's post for today on his RDF website-according to one neurosurgeon-yes! religion makes you crazier or at least less able to process information concerning your safety and well-being (due to a decreased size of the hypothalamus).  And we thought they were just putting on an act...


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