Idiotic Pope Frank recognises a second miracle for that late demented retard, mother Teresa.

Apparently: "In this case, a Brazilian man with multiple brain tumors was healed after loved ones prayed to Mother Teresa to heal him, Avvenire reported."

Which makes one wonder about the millions of others who had also prayed to the old cretin, who never had any such healing and what was so specially about that Brazilian with a delusional family.

There is really no evidence that Teresa was involved in the healing and how about the medical team who diagnosed and likely supplied treatment, such as chemotherapy.

So a demented windbag who worshipped suffering is responsible for a healing, when the vast majority of those she took under her care, died in excruciating pain and suffering, as this is what she thought they needed, as she believed that suffering brought them closer to god.

Funny how she had the best care when she was suffering, something she denied all her charges.


This Sainthood guff is nothing more than typical Catholic (Pagan) Stupidity.

The Veneration of saints is non Biblical and people being healed by praying to anybody other than Jesus, is not Christian, in fact, it is actually Anti-Christian.

This is why Catholicism fails hands down in the Christian test.

It makes one wonder, whether Roman Catholicism ever was Christian, as it breaks many of the rules Jesus taught, for starters it is full of false idol worship (idolatry) and non-Christian (pagan) rituals.

Catholicism if actually anti-Christian in the light of Jesus's teachings.

Constantine created Catholicism and the Catholic version of Jesus, from a mixture of two pagan gods, Mithra and Apollo.

Constantine possibly wasn't really converted to Christianity, he only used it to fulfil a political agenda.

Here is a video with some evidence that sheds doubt on Constantine's conversion.

Though I don't really care,

Catholicism is nothing more than errant stupidity on stilts! 

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Christianity is based on suffering. That's what it is plain and simple. Gospels that said Jesus did not suffer on the cross were excluded from the Bible. Early on it was decided that for the religion to make it suffering had to be the key. That old crone Agnes was only repeating what she knew and had been told. Before she doubted god suffering was her "proof" of the doctrines.

I take issue as well when people say Caholicism is not Christianity. We either have the natural procession of belief as we see it in history, or we can bring Christianity in separately at the time Luther protested. This last idea would put Christianity way too late on the scene.

I said in a previous post that I couldn't see Agnes as a Saint. To put it bluntly, "I can't see that woman healing a dog turd dead or alive."

The RCC found two miracles for Agnes Bojaxhiu because they wanted to find them.  If they hadn't found them, they would have invented or synthesized what was necessary to elevate her to sainthood.  This keeps the ignorant and fearful in line and keeps the catholic hierarchy firmly planted in the catbird seat.

Too much of the makeup of the catholic church are either rich and indifferent or poor and scared shitless, and until that status quo is severely altered, business as usual, including the sanctification of ridiculous candidates such as Aggie, will be a part of the day-to-day in Vatican City.

But Loren, she truly is a saint; without her, we wouldn't know that suffering is the kiss of Jesus.


And I'm the Czar of all the Russias.
-- Ensign Pavel Chekov

Catholicism is no more or no less than a version of Theism. I personally think there's no distinction between any of the theist religions, and categorising them gives them a level of logical interpretation that's meaningless. This Agnes the saint business is the result of medieval minded superstitions arriving at their natural conclusions, but it's no more irrational than any of the hundreds of patently absurd things that have to be believed by the faithful. They're, all of them, living in a parallel universe, with a different reality, and only the minor details separating them.

Catholicism is not a version of theism. It IS theism just like any belief system where gods are beleived in is theism.

Believers appear to have a different reality than the rest of us, but under the right conditions you find out they are just playing and do not really believe.

Why do believers still get health insurance?

Why do believers take care to preserve their lives as much as possible, if things are supposed to be so much better in the supposed heaven?

I'll share this again:

My religious friend is Pentecostal and he says he wants to be here as long as he can because he likes fishing and he knows there is no fishing in heaven. I've never known him to fish at all and we first met around age 13. Also, how would he know there is no fishing in heaven? Psychic I guess.

It's also well-known (and sung) that "In Heaven There Is No Beer":

Catholicism and Islam are the pits of theism.

They both allow and encourage extreme hypocrisy.

Purporting to be loving and a caring belief systems, yet at the same time support extreme bigotry and multiple crimes against humanity. 

Because they are both armed with the same agenda.

To turn the earth into a theocracy, under their control.

This was always the aim of the Catholic church and is also the stated aim of Islam.

Both are competing for total control of humanity.

Here's an article on Teresa, pointed out to me by Patricia.

Excerpt: "Volunteers (from Italy, Sweden, the United States and the UK) did their best to cradle and wash the children who had soiled themselves. But there were no nappies, and only cold water. Soap and disinfectant were in short supply. Workers washed down beds with dirty water and dirty cloths. Food was prepared on the floor in the corridor. A senior member of staff mixed medicine with her hands. Some did their best to give love and affection - at least some of the time. But, for the most part, the care the children received was inept, unprofessional and, in some cases, rough and dangerous. "They seem to be warehousing people rather than caring for them," commented the former operations director of Mencap Martin Gallagher, after viewing our undercover footage."

I read in the paper this morning about this Feb., 2008 event, whereby a child with kidney cancer was literally jolted out of a coma when a priest brought in a couple hairs from good old Mother Teresa and prayed over her. I thought "AWESOME!!" Send that shit to every cancer ward in the nation and let's heal EVERYONE with cancer! Why haven't the Christians thought of that?




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