Idiotic Pope Frank recognises a second miracle for that late demented retard, mother Teresa.

Apparently: "In this case, a Brazilian man with multiple brain tumors was healed after loved ones prayed to Mother Teresa to heal him, Avvenire reported."

Which makes one wonder about the millions of others who had also prayed to the old cretin, who never had any such healing and what was so specially about that Brazilian with a delusional family.

There is really no evidence that Teresa was involved in the healing and how about the medical team who diagnosed and likely supplied treatment, such as chemotherapy.

So a demented windbag who worshipped suffering is responsible for a healing, when the vast majority of those she took under her care, died in excruciating pain and suffering, as this is what she thought they needed, as she believed that suffering brought them closer to god.

Funny how she had the best care when she was suffering, something she denied all her charges.


This Sainthood guff is nothing more than typical Catholic (Pagan) Stupidity.

The Veneration of saints is non Biblical and people being healed by praying to anybody other than Jesus, is not Christian, in fact, it is actually Anti-Christian.

This is why Catholicism fails hands down in the Christian test.

It makes one wonder, whether Roman Catholicism ever was Christian, as it breaks many of the rules Jesus taught, for starters it is full of false idol worship (idolatry) and non-Christian (pagan) rituals.

Catholicism if actually anti-Christian in the light of Jesus's teachings.

Constantine created Catholicism and the Catholic version of Jesus, from a mixture of two pagan gods, Mithra and Apollo.

Constantine possibly wasn't really converted to Christianity, he only used it to fulfil a political agenda.

Here is a video with some evidence that sheds doubt on Constantine's conversion.

Though I don't really care,

Catholicism is nothing more than errant stupidity on stilts! 

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Then it's not just a matter of how did this priest get a couple of Teresa's hairs. It's a matter of why they don't put these hairs together with Elisha's bones and produce the best healing machine in the world.

It's time they were called on this shit. Anytime something like this is mentioned they should be asked to prove the outrageous claims or forever shut up. This is the nonsense that keeps religion going.

Yes Mike,

They should be made accountable for their bullshit.

Yet, they will make up any excuse to get another popular saint like Teresa.

But, she is only popular among non-thinking, naive sycophants.

No highly rational, intelligent person with a basic knowledge of how she ran her centres, would consider her worthy.

The world should condemn the Catholic church for considering such a demented, deluded cretinous woman as a saint.

The world should scream loudly:

Shame on the idiotic Catholic church for being so insensitive to the suffering of the poor, to make such a criminal a saint.

Saints and sinners, angels and demons, good and evil, I'm at a loss to fathom where this exiting histrionic world is situated, it's certainly not in my boring old backyard.

What, no God the father or God the son in your backyard?? I love that it wasn't enough to have him sire himself via a virgin, they also had to add on God the holy ghost like the cherry on top of a sundae. I guess they didn't need to hew to the old adage about considering your audience since they could just kill anyone who didn't play along.

I had some fun in my local with that merry Isaac Newtonmas. I tried to get a laugh but couldn't find a Christian? No festive spirit!!!

Put holes in a sheet and you can do Halloween as the Holy Ghost.

Praying to Saints is as good as praying direct to Daddy God or God Jr or their third member the Holy Spook. Or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus or Superman or Spiderman or any of the others Thor or Zeus?   In Biloxi Mississippi I was neighbors to a couple from Colombia and when they wanted to sell a house they bought a statue of Baby Jesus in his father Joseph's arms and broke the child part of the statue off.  Then they buried the two parts seperately and told the adult part of the statue that he could have his baby back as soon as the house sold, and not before.  The house sold within a couple of weeks. I do not know if they reunited the two parts of the statue or not. Maybe new Saints such as Mother T cannot do as good of miracles as an older one with more experience. I doubt that either does any good at all.

Ha Ha Deryl,  I suppose if they didn't reunite the statue, they suddenly died on their way to their new home, or they bought a complete lemon that would collapse on them soon after their purchase.

Coincidental anecdotes are very amusing, the house would have sold in exactly the same time, regardless of their destruction of a statue that neither represents Jeebus nor Joseph, as nobody knows what either looked like.

Jeebus certainly wasn't white like the common representations we see of him, or the image of Cesare Borgia depicted on most paintings and churches.




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