If a "god" did this for any reason, he/she/it is a sick sonofabitch...

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Yes I agree with you booklover. Sick - how could an all powerful loving god let this happen?

The answer is simple - there is no god.

Steph, I agree. And to make the story come full circle, your sites with birds and wildlife demonstrate no god is needed. 

True Joan - no god is needed! Just science and nature.

Well, at the very least NOT that ‘god’

Explanations like "Everything happens for a reason" or "Mysterious are the ways of God" serve a purpose; they help believers construct a mental/emotional barrier between themselves and people who are hurting.

Is it Calvinism that says people are poor because they sinned earlier in their lives? This is another explanation that helps people construct barriers between themselves and people who are hurting.

Is it Hinduism that tells prosperous believers they were poor in earlier lives? They need not help poor people because the poor people they see will be prosperous in a future life.

People without empathy (sociopaths) don't need any help being callous. People with a bit of empathy need help being callous and some religions provide that help.

Nicely put Tom! Will have to remember your simple yet decisive argument for future use.

Its just a pity people resort to such things, most often I’m sure (at the very least) subconsciously knowing it.

Tom and Steph, with phrases such as: "Everything happens for a reason" or "Mysterious are the ways of God" become "killer" phrases, stopping one from thinking and taking action that desperately need to be done. 

Joan - I've heard those phrases told to me so many times - it is just sickening.

Good reply, Tom!

I agree with ThomasS. First I've heard it put so succinctly but I do believe you have a point there. I remember quite vividly, during my journey to atheism, when a cousin's mother died suddenly, father and mother no longer together, and another cousin said, "That's why I don't go out dancing. She was supposed to be christian but was out dancing this weekend." Of course that was followed with a God comment. I thought that was the most horrible thing a person could say. That somehow, you are better because you attended church and someone else deserves death because they are not as devoted.  Now before this, I had already told this particular person that I was an atheist and her conversation was constantly punctuated with religious sayings, purposely of course. I tolerated it. But this. That was the last time I actually had a social conversation with her.

Photojournalist Kevin Carter took that photo. He committed suicide, in part because of his deep anguish over witnessing so much violence and suffering.

Jesus said, not one sparrow can fall to the ground without my father knowing of it...




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