If a "god" did this for any reason, he/she/it is a sick sonofabitch...

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Well, JC needs to let his Dad know to get off his fat ass, put down the remote, chips and guacamole, and pay some attention to business.

Shillamus, it's sadder than that.

What will our tiny tummy creatures do if we don't send food down to them?

They will eat on our bodies.

First they eat the fat most of us carry. They then eat what remains.

Feed them.

It's obvious that god is more concerned with providing the vulture with a meal than saving an innocent child.  With a god like this who needs a devil.

John, you just triggered the hell out of me ... or more specifically, my memory and a recollection of a certain DarkMatter2525 video, to wit:

I watch DM2525 videos "religiously" and this one is one of my favorites. 

Loren, POWERFUL!  Now imagine, just for a moment, you remain silent in face of such atrocities.  Who benefits? You give voice to your understanding and countless of us benefit and free ourselves of our own chains. Thanks dear friend. Joan

A god who would help a pastor find his keys (!!!) yet can't be bothered to do a damned thing for the kid in the picture or the millions of other kids starving around the world doesn't even qualify as a caricature of a god.  It's more like a convenience that people go to for trivial shit (like keys).

The one thing I genuinely love about that video is how it points out the banal triviality of how god supposedly works.  What a lame joke!

That's one horrible photograph.

However, this time the man of steel came to the rescue and there were no badies in town. 

C'mon, folk, we don't have to be sociopaths to state the problem truthfully.

In place of "If a "god" did this for any reason, he/she/it is a sick sonofabitch...", let's say what we know to be true: "A hungry vulture and an abandoned human infant are not equal adversaries."

The words used by people who remedy problems differ markedly from the words used by people who demand remedies, as many who have held the problem-solving offices in organizations know. This is especially true of people in whose early lives authoritarianism was influential.

With an "old-world German, father is god" and occasionally violent dad who sent his five kids to Catholic schools, I got two doses of authoritarianism. I took only months to rid myself of the excreta of Catholicism and fifteen years to rid myself of the excreta of authoritarianism.

I like to think I completed those tasks years ago. A few months ago a still-Catholic man I know showed me I hadn't completed them when he told me, and enjoyed repeating, "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic."

I tried to reason with him. He ignored my telling him I had often heard "Once a priest, always a priest" but had never heard what he said.

I decided to observe him as he handled the responsibilities of a club office I had held. In a few weeks I had a reply; I told him "Once a Catholic, always helpless." He hasn't repeated his slur.

We still communicate. Along with talk about club business, I tease him about his "remaining on the plantation" and to the best of his ability he teases me about my atheism. We have fun.

"If a "god" did this for any reason, he/she/it is a sick sonofabitch..." offers emotional release.

Something like "A hungry vulture and an abandoned human infant are not equal adversaries" makes possible a remedy.

ThomasS, some people believe only their god exists. Some people try out many gods, seeing which fits. I claim, and a few others claim, god does not exist. We get called on our certainty ... but why go only part way. Human beings create god to explain existence to an uninformed population. We grow through different phases, thinking god was a woman, god was a man, god was an animal, or plant, or mountain; you name it there is a god for it.

Looking around me, listening to lots of people, paying attention to why they think the way they do, I am convinced god does not exist. God is a construct. period.




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