I was contemplating the ego of writing a book that puts you at the center of everything, proclaiming that you are the chosen ones.

And I found myself wondering what animals would put into their books that made them the chosen ones.

Social animals. Like wolves or elephants.

What do you think would be in an animals bible? You pick your animal ;) 

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Well Carol I think that is animals had their own bible and were the ones in charge on this planet, I think it would be a grave sin to hurt the environment,,,,,,maybe punishable by death? To sensisly hurt one another ,to engage in war without just cause and to refrain from taking revenge on man for the atrocities committed by man toward them........I think it would help create a better planet. I love gorrillas so that would be the animal I would choose! Great post..............thankyou...

That makes perfect sense because animals NEVER senselessly harm one another, damage their environment, or try to get their own advantage. All animals care deeply about the feelings of all other animals  .....

I somehow doubt it..

Not to come off too sarcastic, but, really we are primates who evolved in the same natural selection stew as the rest of our planet. It is irrationally idealistic to project such nobility onto other species who basically have honed evolutionary survival strategies the same way we have.




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