...have they ever stopped to wonder why?

i was watching Bill O'Reilly discussing the war on xmas with a Catholic priest.  his big issue isn't so much xmas, but rather the overall attack on Christianity.  

much like Republicans failing to truly identify their problem with lack of diversity, Christians seem to be befuddled and outraged that their religion is losing support.  many of these folks are free market types, meaning that they believe that in the end the best ideas tend to win.  yet their idea, Christianity, is struggling.  O'Reilly laments the increased power of the "secular progressives" (he now uses this term nearly 10 times per show now) but isn't this an example of the free market making a choice?  

America is still overwhelmingly Christian.  however, just over a decade ago Catholicism was near universal in Ireland.  now it's under half.  many of those former Catholics have abandoned religion altogether.  i believe that America is undergoing a similar, albeit slower, process.  O'Reilly, and others, seem to be feeling it too.  yet instead of undergoing a self examination they resort to a blame game.  i suppose its easier to find a external problem to target than admitting the obvious - that Christianity, and religion in general, are becoming less important in our society.  

and if O'Reilly is still on the air in 10 years (heaven help us) and is reporting on the fact that Christians are now a minority in this country he can say "I told you so".  let's hope he's been right all along.  

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