If churches really hate gay people so much they would take it out on the homeless, GLBTQ groups and allies should start opening soup kitchens.

The 3 Michigan Churches Who Are Quitting the Homeless Because Anoth...

Especially in the areas where this kind of crap is going on.

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Back in the eighties in Ames Iowa (home to Iowa State University and 40,000 people) - where the weather can kill you in the Summer and Winter - the only homeless shelter was a group home of a bunch of mostly bohemian atheists that included two large bedrooms they equipped with bunks. One room was for women and children, the other for men and children (depending on guardianship.)

It was supported by the mostly minimum wage jobs of the permenant residents and volunteers like me. Back then, I called myself an eclectic pagan because I hadn't yet resolved my spirituality with my atheism. I now find that the two are compatible - once I realized that no definition of god was satifactory but a definition of spirituality was. For me, spirituality is the acknowledgement that everything in the universe is intrinsically interconnected with everything else. All evidence backs up this notion and it works for me.

I used to cook dinner on Saturday nights. BTW - many of the volunteer staff and a couple of the permenant (charter) residents were homosexual. Wonderful people all.
I suspect that many of them simply can't keep up with helping anyone because of the recession and lack of donations. They're probably just using this as an excuse to get out of it. That way it looks voluntary, and not like god didn't care enough to give them the money they needed.

Check out www.rainbowworldfund.org for LGBT philanthropy.
fear of a planet that get's along?
what's it called? oh yeah, coexistence, the hardest of all social elements for some.
dare I say, fear of, symbiosis of faiths (faith based on generalizations of stereotypes and faiths that could care less about such trivial crap) actually getting along with each other and helping those that lost out in life due to bad decisions on more-than-likely their supposed 'leaders'.




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