So I have a severe form of eczema that has resulted in random outbreaks whenever it gets hot. Yeah it sucks, but I have learned to deal with it. Anyway, my mother usually helps me apply creme to my body to help lessen the outbreak, which I really appreciate, when today she came to the conclusion that my eczema became really bad when she thought that I started to pull away from "god". I was under the assumption that she assumed that my recent severity with eczema escalated when I stopped going to church over 2 years ago. This pissed me off inside even though I told her that I did not want to discuss religious topics at the time. How the hell can my mother honestly believe that my current situation is a result of not believing in "god" enough. If there is a god that is punishing me for not believing him, then I want to just say screw him. Why would I worship a god that must inflict pain just because I fail to believe that he exists. What would my mother say if I was religious and going through the same thing. Would she say that I just didn't believe or would she say "God has plan or he is trying to teach you" or some other b.s. I just wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on when bad luck falls upon an atheists, religious people believes it's a punishment from god for not "believing", but when the same happens to a religious person it is "God's will".  

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Hi Jameer.  You know your mother is just spouting nonsense.  I'm sure if you believed, she would have found another reason, like you're being tested (we all know about poor Job).  I have had people say foolish things if I was going through a hard time, like it was happening because I turned my back on god.  Oh well.  Like you said, why would anyone want to worship a god that punishes his own creation if they don't believe him or turn away from him.  Besides, that's contradicts the whole religious concept of grace.  Anyway, about your is your water intake?  I tend to get pretty severe breakouts as well.  But for me it normally happens in the winter or when I'm very stressed out or upset.  I have found that drinking a lot of water, in addition to using whatever cream or ointment works best for you, is usually a good combination.
Thanks I know that she is saying these things because of her religiosity. As for my eczema, it seems to get bad in the Spring/ Summer because of the allergens in the air, but it tends to clear up in the Winter. I should be drinking more water than I do seeing that I have noticed that my eczema gets better when I do. I am a relatively calm person, but my flare ups can frustrate me a bit even though I have learned to stay calm. Thanks for the advice Samantha!
You're welcome!  I just saw that you're in Raleigh.  I'm in Charlotte now, but I lived in Cary until a couple months ago.  Yeah, being a nontheist in the bible belt is interesting to say the least.  But I commend you for finding your truth at such a young age.  Good for you!
Thank you very much for your compliment. Being a young black male atheist is sort of anomaly not only in the bible belt, but in the entire US. Lots of people are shocked to find out that I am an atheist, and I am slowly changing the misconceptions about atheism to my theist friends and others. How did you deal with being a black atheist in the South?
Well, I was living in Maryland when I first broke away from reli

You cannot choose to believe in something, even if belief would make your life easier.  If you do not believe in god, the only choice you have is whether to live openly and honestly, or to live a lie.  The resolution to this dispute is entirely in your mother's hands.  What does she value?  Your honesty and a close relationship?  Or would she pressure you to burden yourself with lies, pushing you two apart?   


In the bible story of Job, God is very angry with certain people for telling Job that he must have done something to deserve his suffering. 

Thanks for the advice, but my mother has been pretty laid back about the idea of being an atheist considering that my family is religious. She thinks its a phase, but whenever I try to tell her some of the most disturbing things in the bible, she gets the look on her face that this is not just some phase that I am going through. Sometimes I don't think religious people understand how some of their statements can come across as a bit condescending.


I just typed a really long reply in response to your question about being atheist in the south, but for some reason it only posted the first line and it won't let me edit.  Sorry about.  I'm about to log off for tonight, but I will come back tomorrow and answer your question.

I love this site:


You and me both, I was really shocked that my mother would actually suggests something like that, but that goes to show you how religion can change people for the worse.

Hi Jameer,


Sorry that it took me forever to get back here.  As for you question about being atheist in the south...I actually identify as agnostic (but to most theists it's all the same).  I was living in Maryland when I first "came out" against religion.  So by the time I moved to NC, I was already pretty grounded in my non-belief.  I haven't had much of a problem here, but then I tend not to really discuss religion unless I know the person well.  I will say that I have been approached and asked religious questions by random people since here, and that never happened to me before.  Just last month I had an older gentleman stop me in the grocery store.  He told me I look like I go to church and asked what church I went to.  I just politely told him I don't go to church, and left it at that.  When I was still in the Raleigh area, I had an interview and the lady asked me if I had a church home.  Now, I found that to be extremely inappropriate.  As an HR person, she certainly should have known better than to bring up religion in an interview.  But for the most part, I haven't had any in your face type of issues.  I have found Charlotte to be a bit more conservative than Raleigh, and I've even come across religious signs and crosses in the oddest places.  I stopped at a gas station to put air in my tire, and right by the air machine was a cross and some little pamphlets about finding God.  I just rolled my eyes, put air in my tire, and left.

What does someone who goes to church look like? Nice? I wish i could have a chance to answer that question to someone, just to see their expression. I bet when you answered him, your answer was not even in his database of possible answers.  




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