So I have a severe form of eczema that has resulted in random outbreaks whenever it gets hot. Yeah it sucks, but I have learned to deal with it. Anyway, my mother usually helps me apply creme to my body to help lessen the outbreak, which I really appreciate, when today she came to the conclusion that my eczema became really bad when she thought that I started to pull away from "god". I was under the assumption that she assumed that my recent severity with eczema escalated when I stopped going to church over 2 years ago. This pissed me off inside even though I told her that I did not want to discuss religious topics at the time. How the hell can my mother honestly believe that my current situation is a result of not believing in "god" enough. If there is a god that is punishing me for not believing him, then I want to just say screw him. Why would I worship a god that must inflict pain just because I fail to believe that he exists. What would my mother say if I was religious and going through the same thing. Would she say that I just didn't believe or would she say "God has plan or he is trying to teach you" or some other b.s. I just wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on when bad luck falls upon an atheists, religious people believes it's a punishment from god for not "believing", but when the same happens to a religious person it is "God's will".  

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Extremely inappropriate, alright!  I don't think many Christians ever stop to think that what they do is often offensive and patronizing.   Because they're Christians, they are automatically forgiven for whatever sins/bad manners they perform in public.  I think it's very common for Christians to assume everybody in the room is on the save wavelength as they are.  And yet they can still get away with feeling persecuted and needing special protection/treatment...I don't get it.
It's a no win. In a weird way, i'm kind of impressed on how the xtian mind can jump through so many hoops so quickly. I couldn't do it. Ask your mom if she is on your side, or the other side that wants you to have eczema. Ask her if she would administer such a punishment. 

Because many believers believe in a strict, punishing parent-type god, it makes perfect sense that your skin condition is a punishment from that god.  Of course, you and I know it's a medical condition.  I find it so sad that many Christians believe in the simplistic notion that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.  When bad things happen to good people, what do they say? They say it's a test of faith. 


When my mom was diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago, she said the words "Why is God punishing me?".  She was convinced she had done something wrong to bring on the condition.  Now that she's survived 22 years, she will say that her faith got her through.  It gave her strength to fight.  I'm not arguing her logic but I know that her fantastic team of doctors and their precisely targeted treatment had a lot to do with it too.

Sometimes I get angry when people who have had some illness cured by science thank god for them being cured, then the same people who were cured by science attack science. I don't understand it and usually I tell them if they believe in their god so much then why don't they just pray for it to go away and instead leave science for people who believe in science. Anyway, just recently I came out and told my mom that I was an atheist, and this came up again. Believe me this time I let her know how I felt, and told that it was very condescending to say that because I don't believe in god that he would punish me. I told my mother that god must be very insecure in that he must punish someone because he is offended that they don't believe in them.



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