I'll tell you why... Ghost Hunters on SciFi Channel and Paranormal State on A&E scare the CRAP outta me!!! LOL!! I'm not lying... I love those shows!!

But for real... the existence of ghosts/spirits/residual 'energies' after you die defy my perception of the human existence. I think most Atheists agree that we are nothing but a small step up from chimps and the fact that we cry when someone else cries does not make us leaders of the Universe! Just because you perceive your emotions a profround and earth moving, at times, does not mean that your existence permeates space and time. It's just neurotranmitters and synapses... nothing more. The same thing can be found in your pet dog's gray matter (I heard about a study on Calling All Pets on NPR that dogs have similar neurotransmitters and receptors in their brains as us). Just because we have cognition doesn't make us special enough to float around after we're dead and rotted and interact with our loved ones (who will also be dead one day).

The next time you pass by the dead squirell at the end of your street that has been there for a few days, realize that WILL be you and it WILL be too soon whether it's tomorrow or 80 years from now. All of a sudden that TV show you're watching doesn't seem that interesting, and that 99 cent hamburger seems like a complete waste of your precious time to choke down. I'd get a steak instead, and enjoy it while I can.

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Actually,people have been there and returned. My dad even died and they brought him back.

Real ghosts are usually sexy, and that's pretty much the litmus test. Scary, unattractive ghosts are almost always some kids shining a flashlight in the dark.
Just wait till we get the holo-projector up and running... we'll have ghost sightings out the wazoo (that's in Wisconsin, right?)
I'm not sure. But, check out Tara's shades. See the ghost reflection in the lenses? Is it Lizzy Borden---see the axe?
I always loved it when something creepy happened when I was a kid. Even though I'm not a big believer in the supernatural, I could fool myself long enough to get scared. Good times.
When I was a kid, there was an abandoned house across the street from us. The owner of the house was a woman in a nursing home. Her husband had died in the house. The house sat empty the entire 14 years that we lived across the street. Naturally, all of the kids in the neighborhood came up with crazy theories about why the house was empty and said it was haunted by ghosts.
Maybe there are no ghost but you never know when bigfoot is going to jump out of the woods at you!!
I'm just saying...
Not believing in ghosts, but still getting creeped out by watching creepy shows all alone in a dark house...cognitive dissonance maybe, but totally normal. No one is all logical; we all have irrational quirks and it's better to just acknowledge that. Anyway people are wired to get scared of things; it's better for survival to mistakenly think you see something that isn't there, than to mistakenly not notice something that is there.

I'd much rather just die and have nothing happen than have to worry about roaming around invisibly forever...

Ghost-hunting tools detect radioactivity I think? Apparently people become radioactive after they die...now that's badass!
Meh... I have a friend, I don't know if he'd self-identify as atheist, but I'd describe him as a nontheistic, rational person.

However, he plans on being cremated when he dies solely due to the fact that he has an irrational fear of coming back as a zombie. He knows it's impossible and that it's irrational, but he saw too many zombie flicks as a kid, and now the thought of his corpse shambling around postmortem keeps him awake at night. By having absolute certainty that he will be cremated, he satiates the irrational part of his brain and has piece of mind.

Personally, I used to see things that I thought were ghosts when I was a kid. One time, my brother and I both saw the same thing (a leering skull rise over the edge of the bed) from different angles and lighting. To this day I don't know what we saw, but rationally I know it wasn't a ghost. However, there's still a part of me that fears the same things I did as a child - namely, hypodermic needles, escaping helium balloons, and dark spaces (especially if there's something that could be hidden behind - dark bathrooms with the shower curtain drawn unnerve me, since I always had childhood fears of a malevolent skeleton hiding behind there).

Some fears (death, dark, etc) are hardwired into us, and they are present even in the most rational minds. It's important to recognize these within ourselves, and, if they cannot be fully overcome, accept them as part of our mental makeup and allow a bit of space there for irrationality*

*As long as it's a little bit of space...not big enough to fit a bible in ;)
It sounds like you experienced sleep paralysis.
i dont believe in ghosts nor things that go bump in the night but im programed to respond to them, i still jump at the head falling down in that scene in jaws, the one under the boat?, even though i know its going to happen, its just our brain doing what it is built to do, most fear is fear of the unknown, and darkness will highten the response, get used to it, and enjoy it when it happens, we have so safe a life now compaired to 100,000 years ago when that noise in the dark could have been the last noise you heard.
Wow, I'm sure relieved to see not many folk here believe in ghosts. Had me scared I was gonna have to change my affiliation.I went to the theater - alone - and watched The Exorcist in 1973. Scared the living crap out of me, even when I was back outside in the afternoon sunshine. But then I was a Christian then. Now I find such things mildly amusing. I hear plenty of stuff in here when no one else is in the room...but I know it's just the mice.




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