... just WTF is the question?

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Who is the king of bacon?
Wow ... and here I thought the King of Bacon would have been some outfit like Sugardale or Oscar Meyer!

Who knew, eh?
Just following the flowchart to its logical conclusion...

That flow chart is way too awesome.

I'm dying to post it to FB but I have at least one Mormon friend who might defriend me if I do.
I shared it on facebook and Miss Bimbo.
Haahaha I like this one much better then mine.
Who can save you from eternal hellfire because a talking snake convinced an ignorant rib-woman to eat some fruit?

Alex: Correct, go again.

I'll take A/N word games for $200 Alex.
"Guess who's coming in a second?"

"Who invented waterskiing?"

"Who got nailed and remained a virgin?"
Oh what shall I do!? I like hummus and bacon!
Become the Secretary General of the U.N.
Hmmm, the Secretary General of the UN is currently a Korean ... you may want to throw in kimchi!
Actually, I find it funny, rather than offensive. My grandfather's name is Jesus. Relax.


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