Although I take issue with his grammar, I posted a comment to a blog called "Proud Atheist." I thought I would share it with friends and others on this site. A link to the cartoons that accompanied the blog entry can be supplied by another reader. Suffice to say, they show a militant Jesus throwing scoundrels out of the temple. My remarks:

Being a reactionary at heart, I allowed a book review in “Skeptical Inquirer” to convince me at long last that it is counter-productive to put down any prophet: why should we hold Jesus responsible for the organized religious hokum known today as “Christianity”? It bears about as much resemblance to his teachings as a butterfly to a larva. Almost everything Jesus taught (save, perhaps, misunderstood statements about the hereafter) is honored and, in some cases, practiced by a great many freethinking men and women. Biology, that most hated of sciences among evangelical ignoramuses, teaches us that as socializing creatures, we develop a moral and ethical sense independent of religious teachings. Hopefully, the ever-increasing exposés of miscreant and hypocritical ministers, priests, pastors, &c., will open more eyes to this simple truth. Then, perhaps, we will finally see what one atheist dreams as “the end of faith.” From now on, I am going to punish myself for attacking the message of "Jebus," though I reserve the right to call his modern messengers "Christers"; their faith, Christeranity.

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Treating others as you would have them treat yourself because you care for them is a good idea.
Treating others as you would have them treat yourself because you want to be on the right side when God starts his cleansing is a bad idea.

Do you believe in the latter? No? Well, Jesus sure as hell did. And I consider that to be a very bad reason to be good: much better ones are available.

Remind yourself to read a post before you jump to a conclusion. Things work better that way.
I read your post. I disagree with you. I still do.
Of course, there was a Jesus. In fact, there are a lot of Jesuses out there. There are several in San Antonio, but i couldn't say what all the Jesuses are doing today.
Really, Maat DVB, enough is enough.



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