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White guys really are out of touch... they need some outreach. Some hugs. Maybe that'll get them up to date with reality. Speaking as a white guy. I like hugs. Also, as a WA person, by choice, I maybe it's different here. Long winter nights. Snuggletime :)

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That was interesting - thanks Sentient.

Yeah the Republicans are saying that they just couldn't get people out to vote.

With Romney as the Republican candidate, I could believe that. If I were in the U.S., I probably wouldn't have voted for either Romney or Obama. I'm not particularly fond of either ones politics.

I'd correct that supposition to read: "If Only SCARED White Guys Had Voted."  There are plenty of white male Democrats out there who find Romney, Rove, Faux Noise and the whole right-wing politico-religious gang despicable and worthy of sanction.  It is the scared white men, those who can't deal with diversity or change, that would have supported that first set of election results.

I just hope they're dying off.  Frankly, they're an embarrassment.

Loren, you are right.  And there are also plenty of white women who voted against equality, and for Romney.  That split goes a bit the other way, but maybe not.  None of is is the monolithic Borg clone of our demographic.  

It's been interesting that some people comment to me in person about the election.  White medicare folks, men and women, have expressed absolute dismay.  Interesting to hear. 

It's really hard for me to see my "demographic" behaving so badly.  If my parents were still alive they would also be on the racialized right wing republican side.  It's not absolute.  We are not the Borg.  But it's hard to see.

Those RWRs (right wing republicans) really shot themselves in the foot.  They've been spreading so much misinformation, seducing people (yes a lot of white males but also a lot of white females and the occasional "special cases" like Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas) into thinking they are "wronged" by "intruders".  They've led their followers into a nonthinking kneejerk self-deluding hate-filed scapegoating hypocritical contradictory ignorant hateful fantasy-ridden lala land.  We need to start a remedial outreach education program for them to lift them out of their slime-filled pits of rage and start thinking rationally.

OK, there's just a little part of me that feels downright gleeful in witnessing the implosion that occurred last Tuesday. Watching old fat white men sputter in confusion and deny that it was their fault just makes my heart skip a beat. You do have to wonder what the next four years are going to be like-if the republican party manages to have a make over or sink itself further into the mud pit that it's made for itself.

Also, it's cold here. It went from 60 to 30 in about 5 hours. So my own white guy is getting his snuggles. He seems to like it, but then he voted for Obama....

Seems Atheists are starting to make a difference.  Check this out...


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