If robots evolved to the point they could be used as sexual companions

I think we all know that there is a time when robots will evolve to the point that they will be able to look and act on a level that they could replace most human functionality. That will with a doubt in most reasonable people's minds lead to a particular sect of society no matter how large, to see these robots as objects that can be used to provide services to humans on every conceivable level. In the beginning this could mean day care or nanny services, helping in nursing homes, you get the point.
If one could make robots that seem to act and feel real, at what point would someone try to give it emotional responses that seemed to pantomime those of humans. I'm not saying they could ever love, but a person could certainly love them.
All ethical dilemmas aside, imagine the long-term benefits of these actions. It could put an end to all prostitution and human trafficking, if robot escorts became cheaper and easier to maintain than their human counter parts, plus with maintenance and clean-up it could also take away any risk of STDs which would have no chance of being able to survive on any synthetic skin.

Would congress pass laws forbidding the use of robots for any and all sexual use? Would the people that did these actions be shunned or mocked by the majority of society? Would their be robot advocates that would speak out in favor of robot rights?

Oddly enough, in all of Assimov's books, I don't think he ever tackled the idea of human/robot sexual encounters. I'm left only with shoddy examples like the movie AI.

Your thoughts?

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If Robots evolved to the point they could be used as sexual conpanions, then I might finally get some.
Lol. Would there be a backlash against robosexuals? The Bible doesn't address robosexuality, does it?
Well, wait until they rewrite it again. Then it will.
Your in luck - they will hit the market soon
TrueCompanion helped kick off the Saturday session of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with a press conference in which the site debuted "the world's first sex robot." Meet the Roxxxy TrueCompanion. This doll has an artificial intelligence engine programmed to learn your likes and dislikes. She can listen, feel, and speak to her owner.

The doll features five "girlfriend personalities," including, Frigid Farrah, Wild Wendy, Mature Martha, and more. Users can also built custom profiles online and swap them with friends. The doll goes on sale next week for roughly $7,000-9,000 plus a subscription fee, which is "comparable to a cell plan," according to Roxxxy's creator.

When asked what inspiration was for creating the doll, he answered that "after 9/11, I wanted to give back." God bless America.
West World might have addressed it a little. It's been a long time since I saw that. Also, Data and a variety of other SF robots have claimed to be 'fully functional.'

I think robot sex might parody our current, popular view of sexuality. It could definitely reduce crime, disease, abuse, etc. But wouldn't it also divert our instinct to perpetuate the race? Perhaps this is a good thing now. And, probably, I am being far too cynical. I would give up sex in a heart beat if I had to choose between it and the life of my daughter - not even a question.

(Here I only speculate - child abuse and molestation is my number one case for the death penalty.) By law, images of child-porn that were produced without children - CGI, animation, drawings, text, etc. are not illegal. What about sex with a robot made to imitate a child? This would be seen as very sick to some, and a viable outlet for very sick people to others.

Loving a toy (that would be what it is) to a similar extent that one loves another human is problematic. Again, it might demonstrate a person's ability to really love at all. Or, perhaps, it would test the 'spiritual' nature that many of us associate with love.
Data and a variety of other SF robots have claimed to be 'fully functional.'

Data had sex once with what's-her-name, the blond who was killed on that planet by the black blob of oil-like goo with all those powers. Ring a bell?
Now that you mention it. *ding* Also, it is finally totally very clear that we are both complete nerds!
I call myself a library nerd all the time. I'm at the library at least 3 or 4 times a week. Maybe that's why I have no friends.
Wondering what Data was like in bed now.
I dunno, but I bet he could go all night.
AI, Futurama, Data.... just came to the conclusion that i em also a nerd!




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