If robots evolved to the point they could be used as sexual companions

I think we all know that there is a time when robots will evolve to the point that they will be able to look and act on a level that they could replace most human functionality. That will with a doubt in most reasonable people's minds lead to a particular sect of society no matter how large, to see these robots as objects that can be used to provide services to humans on every conceivable level. In the beginning this could mean day care or nanny services, helping in nursing homes, you get the point.
If one could make robots that seem to act and feel real, at what point would someone try to give it emotional responses that seemed to pantomime those of humans. I'm not saying they could ever love, but a person could certainly love them.
All ethical dilemmas aside, imagine the long-term benefits of these actions. It could put an end to all prostitution and human trafficking, if robot escorts became cheaper and easier to maintain than their human counter parts, plus with maintenance and clean-up it could also take away any risk of STDs which would have no chance of being able to survive on any synthetic skin.

Would congress pass laws forbidding the use of robots for any and all sexual use? Would the people that did these actions be shunned or mocked by the majority of society? Would their be robot advocates that would speak out in favor of robot rights?

Oddly enough, in all of Assimov's books, I don't think he ever tackled the idea of human/robot sexual encounters. I'm left only with shoddy examples like the movie AI.

Your thoughts?

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Dammit now I have an image of R2D2 charging across the room with a wobbly light saber-like device in lieu of his lock picking arm.
The first thing to come to mind on this was 'Dollhouse'.

I remember seeing the first episode of that show. I like the woman who played the lead, but it didn't interest me too much. I don't have TV any more, since the switch. Is it still on? I would doubt it.
Then everybody would have to copyright themselves! Just in case someone else wanted to use their likeness as a roboho.
Heres a thought. The only thing that separates us from all the other animals is that we have critical thinking. If you can program a robot to have feelings and to love, doesn't that make them just as important as us. Really all love is is your brain telling you that you love someone. If you can program a robot to think and feel like us then shouldn't they have rights too? Someday you just might have robots telling us that they don't want to be our slaves. They want to be able to love and have sex with whomever they choose. And technology just might get so good that a robot could have an artificial womb and donated eggs, or sperm. If robots have that, you could program them to love any child they might have, even though its not genetically their child.
Depending on one's definition,it could be argued that robot-sexual-gratification devices have been around for some time.

I guess you may be thinking more along the lines of Pris, as played Daryl Hannah in 'Blade Runner'? That film was made in 1982,when Daryl was pert and pneumatic not to mention impressively agile.

Would I have one? Oh, at least three, assuming I had the money. You'll probably be able to lease them.Wait,can't one already rent or lease REAL sexual partners.? (I think they call them 'humpers') The price structure would need to be very competitive for me to bother..
I was thinking about this recently. If robots get to this point, women in the developed countries are in serious trouble. If a guy can have a sex-plaything with an absolutely perfect body/face and the exact personality that he wants, I seriously think women are going to have a harder time finding companions.
Of course there are men that will reject robots plus you can't really take the robot to social functions, but I can see guys just asking female friends to be their date for a function and then going back to their completely submissive, anything-goes robot later that evening.
plus never stop and let her finish like 7 times per go.

if you have not read Stanislav Lem - read Stanislav Lem.
What books by him would you suggest?
The Futurological Congress - and other Ijon Tichy sories
The Cyberiad
Memoirs Found in a Bathtub
His Master's Voice
The financial bonanza that launched video machines and video tapes as well as making the internet immediately profitable was pronography - does anyone actually believe a functional sex robot would not do the same. The company that first produces a real sex robot will be a fortune 500 company before lunch.
Full size "companion dolls" already exist - I would wager that the true sex doll will be here before the next decade plays out. Nothing stimulates new developments more than the promise of huge money to be made. Greed and sex are terrific motivators.



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