If subverting the votes in Florida is not fascism what is? (high schools feeling rightwing cheats)


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WhoeverIAm at 2:38 PM April 04, 2012
The GOP is terrified of having any voters other than the Cemetary Village members who vote for them.  The young are not brainwashed by their rhetoric....

Fed Up at 1:13 PM April 04, 2012
Sooooo, lemme get this straight...  We've got a group of children who will not trouble themselves to register to vote, let alone actually vote, unless a guiding adult takes them by the hand, provides the forms, oversee their completion, gathers them up and delivers them to the proper authorities.
Those solicitous adults feel that to follow the rules regarding third party registration drives is somehow unfair and that they cannot meet the standards.   

They are indignant and fearful the children will not therefore BE registered to vote, as opposed to getting themselves registered, and pin the problem on standards they will not comport with rather than the indifferent children who really don't care if they are registered or not. And they call themselves the childrens' "educators".

I say if the kids, or anyone else, cannot bother to get registered to vote in the many months leading to an election cycle in this age of "motor voter" and 100 ways to sign up, then THANK GOD they will not be voting.  They obviously do not care about larger affairs and can reasonably be assumed to be clueless on those issues so it's healthier for our republic if they sit out the elections.

Mister C. at 11:14 AM April 04, 2012
They also knew that many kids would not register as Democrats unless teachers made it easy for them.

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