If the Electoral College Chooses Trump, Will It Have Failed in Its Purpose?

If the EC chooses a pathological liar over an occasional liar, ... well, why did the nation's founders take the decision away from the voters, who then were only white males who owned property?

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I asked you, Bert.

The concept of the EC was in part to keep any single state from controlling the federal government by giving each state a guaranteed minimum voice. In popular vote, California and Texas could pretty much control the country.

But it appears that the job of electors was to traval to the capital and register their state's decision formally in a time of very limited communication. Rejecting the vote of their state was not in the plan.

{ a pathological liar over an occasional liar,} not sure which is which. 

I must admit I'm having fun watching all this. Before the election when Trump was questioning the results, Obama insisted that the elections were secure and it would be unpatriotic to question the results simply because you don't like them.

My, how the tables have turned."the Russians... the Russians ...."

About Dems and their blue collar base.

In the early 1980s I heard news reports saying both parties, Repub and Demo, were helping manufactuters move to other countries.

Daniel, do Americans understand that they can elect relatively honest people to Congress, and party leaders will soon tell these newcomers to play along or get nothing for their constituents?
Tom, I'll reply to the question you posed to Daniel. Some of us understand that very well. Others believe any person, in an elected government position, can take on any problems, alone, and fix them, alone. I'm not that innocent.
I hope things change for the better but the way the game is rigged it doesn't seem likely in the near future.
The mass media did more to put trump in office than anyone.
Daniel, some voters don't understand much but I think what many understand will surprise you.

I haven't seen the term "loaded question" in so long that I didn't know what one is so I checked Wikipedia. It says a loaded question contains a controversial or unjustified assumption and identifies "Have you stopped beating your wife?" as an example of one. I don't see such an assumption in my question. Do you?
Jay, lying has become contagious.
And the truth is completely ignored.
Jay, when Hamilton and his Federalist/Centralist cronies created the EC, California and Texas could not have controlled the country; they belonged to Spain.

The EC's rejecting the vote of their state was key to the plan. It could save the new nation only by rejecting the voters' choice.




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