Bear with me. I have done a good deal of research and thinking about artificial intelligence and, currently, am of a mind that the internet, per se, lacks several components of of true self-aware consciousness. For one thing, it has no self-preservation instinct which, IMHO, must be present for self-awareness as it is at the root of it.

Nevertheless, I am not intending to make this about whether or not the internet could ever become self-aware. What I want to know is whether or not you think it would be atheist.

After all, it would have access in it's "mind" to an unbelievable amount of scientific data, research, thinking, etc. But it would also have much of its mind cluttered up with UFO's, homeopathy, religion, etc.

Just some fun conjecture. Links are encouraged.

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Yes - I have often wondered what a sperm whale whale does with all that brain matter (about 17 pounds) compared to ours (about 3 pounds.) Even at its size, a brontosaurus only needed a couple of walnuts of brain matter to survive. And a sperm whale is not even twice as big. So, while there is a 'brain to body mass ratio' theory of intelligence, I find it open for debate.

For example, do we measure intelligence based on external technological advancement or tool use? Whales (for obvious reasons) don't have hands. But cetaceans communicated pole to pole long before we could. They have sonar that is far superior to ours.

What about language as the holy grail of intelligence? We don't see it in the vocalizations of cetaceans at a very high level. But are we sure it isn't a function of their echolocation abilities? Could they be vocally projecting images to each other? Some have pointed out that there isn't enough information in their vocalizations for this. But couldn't it just be a matter of 'patience'. What if they just take longer to 'say' things?

I was roommates with an anthropologist who did his field dissertation by attempting to build a lexicon of the Hopi language. It turns out that it was nearly impossible. The synergy of vocalization, body language, and hand signs was too sophisticated and intricate to effectively transcribe into English words.
I have little doubt that at least some of the Cetacean demonstrate a higher level of intelligence and even a language or proto-language. Chimpanzees also demonstrate a level of intelligence and if not a language a complex signing system. Interestingly, Dolphins and Chimpanzees are the only animals other than Humans that recognize themselves in a mirror or film/video of themselves, which is pretty good evidence for self awareness.
Understanding Dolphin intelligence, however, will be a real challenge (hell, we don't understand our own). They live in 3 dimensions, lateral and vertical, and have little ability to physically manipulate their environment - any intelligence fostered in those circumstance would be truly alien from ours. ....I wonder if they are theists.
What I want to know is whether or not you think it would be atheist.

In theory that would depend on what kind of mind emerged out of the internet. It wouldn't be operating on the same level as humans. It would mostly likely be decidedly alien, and posses patterns of thought and connections that we cannot do ourselves, and possibly even imagine.

It would also be full of facts and pseudo facts, how it judges what is real and what is false would be interesting since, its experience of reality would be decidedly different. A thousand eyes, ears, but no real single body by which to travel with, or be trapped in.

It would to my view be more akin to a hive mind rather then a single uniform entity, such as ourselves. It wouldn't in the strictest sense be an atheist I suspect because of this.

It would probably know it was decidedly created for a purpose or purposes. It wouldn't need to actually have to answer that question or even seek an answer to that question.

I suspect that it would take actually asking it that specific question to get it to think about it, I myself would be interested to see what such an entity would come up with.
Just ask it! That, sir, is an awesome response!
Researcher: Robot do you believe there is a god?
Robot: (processing - processing) Yes - I am it.
Ahahaha, god in box!

The question then becomes could we keep this god trapped in its box at that point.
Ahahaha, god in box!

Or... Deus in Machina?
I suspect that it would take actually asking it that specific question to get it to think about it, I myself would be interested to see what such an entity would come up with.

42? Oh no, not again!
As I posted above the logical processing of a computer (self aware or not) would probably consider human irrationality as not relative. The exception to that would be in analyzing human behaviour, which would, unfortunately, make it a master manipulator.
If the "Internet" were sentient, and reached a level of mental maturity equal to that of at least a 7 year human child; and given the sum of man's current [verifiable] knowledge; Plus with radio-telescopes and satellites as it eyes and ears; then yes, I think it would be an atheist.



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