If the Xtians god is THE god, why is Xtian music so...god awful?

If you were the all powerful god of the universe, would you allow your devout followers to create such terribly unimaginative music?  I mean really, come on god, Creed, REALLY? Xtian hardcore, you have to be joking!

Sorry for the rant, my ipod died and so I had to channel surf the central Kentucky radio stations.

What would your followers' music sound like if you were god?

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My followers would do 80s style music with civil war era fashion. :3
Seven Angels is a Christian power metal band that I don't think are too bad. I've heard of maybe three of four other Christian bands (Antestor being the first to come to mind) that are supposed to be good. But for the most part, I'll agree with you.

I suppose my followers would probably make things worse than Christian rock either because I imagine them either being sadists.
Satan just has better taste in music.

So true. Watch the devil doing his handiwork.
Classic Rock, mostly. Some hardcore metal and rave thrown in, as well. Okay, so, in truth, it'd be 49% Classic Rock, 49% Rave and 49% Hardcore metal. We won't read into those numbers, but there they are.
...wouldn´t say so, ever heard a mess written by Händel, or the Mozart Requiem or else ?
Monteverdi's Vespers, Bach's Passions, Gregorian chant, Hildegard von Bingen's works, Handel's Messiah.
To be specific, it is contemporary xtian music that irks me so, not classical or early chants, or really even gospel. But xtian rock & pop makes my ears want to bleed!
Probably because it is half-assed. Almost any kind of "cross-over" art is half-assed and it shows. True fusion musics are truly "double-assed" when successful.
I remember hearing some music awhile back and starting to like the sound of it...but THEN....the realization that it was CHRISTIAN ROCK....nooooooo. It is amusing that Christians need converts so badly that they'll trick them into their flocks with "cool" music for the kids. And their parents can't really protest, can they? It's rock in the name of Jesus! It's all about staying culturally "relevant" and communicating at the youth level...groan. Keeping the membership levels growing.

I don't think gods need music because they don't have human emotions...they like human sacrifices, I think, but they don't appreciate music. Well, maybe the harp. I think gods like the harp. Isn't that the instrument most associated with heaven & angels....NOT electric guitars....NOT screeching vocals.
Varg would beg to differ on that last bit.
Hoseia 13 and various parts of Revelations seem like they'd inspire a lot of death metal.


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