If Trump Loses in the 2020 Elections, His Billionaire Allies Will Fund A Military Coup in America.

Or am I paranoid? (In 1975 I tested negative for the condition. I really did.)

Trump is showing us he likes political power and autocrats. Some of America’s billionaires have shown us they want more than he has given them.

It happens that way in small nations, when voters elect autocrats. 

What do you think?

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What do I think?  I think whatever forces they bring to bear would have to be far better equipped than the US National Guard, never mind the Army, Air Force, and Marines.  I would be extremely dubious that our armed services would muster behind Trump, which would put this would-be insurrection at a severe disadvantage.  Yes, it would be ugly and yes, there would be a LOT of casualties, but it would wind up being a lot of money wasted ... something the likes of the Kochs and Mr. Adelson seem to be reasonably adept at.

Anything is possible but I agree with Loren on this. I'm also kicking around the idea that if everything continues to go wrong for Trump and he is forced out he might even apply for Russian citizenship just to protect himself. I tell this to people and they say Putin doesn't need him, etc. Being a Russian citizen does not mean you have to move there and live there. Steven Segal is one example. There are others too. If this becomes a fact it changes a lot of lawsuit possibilities altogether, and that would be the point. 

Are we going to have a civil war over Trump moves and ideas? Some say it is a great possibility. I think this is why everyone treads so slowly on what goes on right now. The Kocks, Adelson, and Mercers likely don't give a damn. Divide everyone and get that food stamp money back to the top 1 percent. 

No, you're not paranoid.

I'm not trying to be rude but really this obsession with Trump is not healthy, go outside play with your cats or even take a walk on a beach

But, ICO, I am an OC.

To read Robert’s Rules of Order, which I have done several times, requires OC.

= = = = = = =

Yeah, ICO; I’m spoofing. I’ve read your posts and folks in your part of the world have problems worse than ours. 

I’m a realist. Trump is giving Americans and America’s long-time allies educations we and they need.

Many of America’s billionaires are sociopaths, without consciences.

the War in Syria was orchestrated by Obama and Hillary Clinton, Obama threw more whistleblowers than all presidents before him combined. no one seems to criticise Obama.

anyway I hope you a nice day

Agreed, Bertold. Those on the left criticize their own all of the time. Consider the ongoing war in the Democratic party between Bernie followers and Corporate Democrats. The GOP is supine, collectively not even daring to challenge a Republican president when there's obvious criminal and treasonous behavior.

The big problem I have with Obama is that he is no longer president. Now a maniac is POTUS instead.

Imaginary Cat Owner, I strongly disagree with your position. If we all go outside, play with our cat, or take a walk on a beach, we are as ostriches with heads in the sand. Ignoring a problem does not solve it, nor does denying it! 

The task is to name the problem, identify the goal, explore options, develop action plans, take action, and evaluate the outcome. Doing anything less is sophomoric twaddle, similar to praying 

Trump is not going to be in a race again...his orange ass going down like an orang with an unsteady purchase on a thin branch hanging over a ravine and leading to an abyss...falling falling falling...his voice fading fading fading...

I think Trump will run again. Shall we make a friendly bet? If you win I will publicly acknowledge your wisdom; if I win you will publicly acknowledge mine. In a friendly and respectful way, of course!

You are on.




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