If Trump Loses in the 2020 Elections, His Billionaire Allies Will Fund A Military Coup in America.

Or am I paranoid? (In 1975 I tested negative for the condition. I really did.)

Trump is showing us he likes political power and autocrats. Some of America’s billionaires have shown us they want more than he has given them.

It happens that way in small nations, when voters elect autocrats. 

What do you think?

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All right!

I affirm the thought that Trump likes political power and autocrats and that a large portion of the world's billionaires are sociopaths without conscience and with an underdeveloped moral core. 

"To be a billionaire requires a certain level of ruthlessness." "To be a billionaire is a mammoth task and it is almost impossible not to be ruthless and a bit of a sociopath in the process of chasing for that goal.

Ntsokolo Memani

" there shouldn’t be multi-billionaires while the United States has the worst poverty level in the developed world, outside of Turkey, which is just a total scandal. That shouldn’t be happening, but the reasons are institutional structures and specific decisions that have been made all along the line which create these situations and those can be reversed, in fact I think we can go well beyond that to much more just and free institutions in the first place.”

~ Noam Chimsky, in interview with Rob Kall, Host, Bottom up Radio, Publisher, OpEdNews.com. In 2014, Kall  published notes from his interview, "Chomsky on Billionaires, Wealth Inequality and How Aristotle and Madison Dealt With Them." Kall asked Chomsky about the idea of getting rid of billionaires.

Now, Do You See Why We Must Make Billionaires Illegal?

Billionaires Are Dangerous to Humanity, Dangerous to the Earth  

7 Reasons Rich People Are Psychopaths

1. Lack of Empathy

2. Egotism 

3. Superficial Charm

4. Lack of Remorse

5. Selfishness

6. Unethical Behavior

7. Prone to Boredom

"In studying psychopaths, the high-stakes, high-profits corporate environment attracts dysfunctional personalities. Psychopaths often share the same goals as many others: money, power, material goods and influence. But the difference between a typical corporate worker and a psychopath is that the latter views any means, even the harmful, cruel or illegal, as justified if they help achieve the end.”

~  Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, researchers, co-authored book “Snakes in Suits,”  findings:

The ends justify the means. 

If Trump loses his 2020 bid for the presidency, I agree, his billionaire friends will finance a military coup to retain the legal policies that create the wealth gap between rich and poor. I also think the billionaires will be able to hire/bribe generals and other high ranking officers to join their coup; however, I doubt that they have enough money to raise enough of the foot soldiers to make the coup successful. At least, I hope enough of us will do all we can to convince the young men and women that they do not have to follow the fascist leaders. They have the right and power to stand up against such tyranny; with the encouragement and support of we elders, the young will refuse to sign up, and refuse to submit to the draft. 

(gray tabby kitten 'praying') From your mouth to Ceiling Cat's ears

Well said! Worth repeating: "I hope enough of us will do all we can to convince the young men and women that they do not have to follow the fascist leaders. They have the right and power to stand up against such tyranny."




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