If we are no longer a democracy are we any longer morally or ethically obliged to follow its laws?

Mr trump does not support democracy and neither does his fascistic political party, the tyrannical religious majority that elected him or the wealthy businessmen or rich corporations who are supporting him. Although all these superficially "obey"democratic laws, in effect they no longer support the meaning  or spirit of democracy. This is what happened in Germany in the 1930s.  Hitler was democratically elected and had the backing of both the business and religious communities and immediately used these in 1934 to pass a law giving him dictatorial powers.  He was fond of bragging that he had successfully used the methods of democracy to overthrow it.

This raises a very fundamental question for me as to whether I am obligated morally or ethically to obey the laws of this country now that it is dominated by these anti-democracy groups. If the religious right, which are Trump's chief supporters can be shown to be using the methods of democracy to overthrow it, am I any longer obliged to follow its laws?  Of course I still am legally and must suffer the awful consequences of such a decision.

The very same dilemma faced the founders of our country.  This was written into our Declaration of Independence such that when a government is no longer just and fair to its citizens they have the moral and ethical right to overthrow it. I am not now in favor of a revolution or suggesting anything like it, but the recent events in our country are bringing up this fundamental question for all Americans who care about democracy.

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thanks, will investigate!

A good question, eric, but does democracy fare well in a long run?

"I should have studied sociology," I told myself while during four years in hard ball politics. Those who didn't conform lost their jobs and an investigative reporter lost his life. See "Don Bolles" in Wikipedia.

Check out "iron law of oligarchy" by the German sociologist Robert Michels.

thanks, will check out iron law - sounds very interesting

Thing is that Hitler was calculated, a mesmerizing public speaker, and hell bent on revenge for WW1 all brewed him to a madman. Trump is just a buffoon who dropped in joke Republican primary and a woeful candidate in Hilary Clinton. He has a horrendous approval rating and town halls are full to the point that Dems and Repubs are scared to host them (Seeing Rubio escape one was quite hilarious). We'll see what happens in 2018, if the Democrats learned from their mistakes (so far not good, unless there is a Tea Party like overthrow from progressives) or the people finally wake up and get rid of these morons.

thanks for the info -  will try this out!

America is not and has never been a democracy, but it can become one.

In the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Alexander Hamilton said he wanted government by the “rich and well born”. James Madison said he wanted to protect “the opulent minority” from the majority. A few delegates spoke for democracy but the Federalist majority made America an oligarchy.

During the 230 years since then, 18 states have added the direct initiative and referendum to their constitutions. In these states, voters can and occasionally do govern in place of their oligarchs. In the other 32 states and in the nation, people are the victims of the oligarchs they elect.

How much longer, Dear Spaghetti Monster, how much longer?

As to obeying the oligarchy’s laws, I suggest that you not attract the sheriff’s attention. S/he still has the jaihouse keys.


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