If we don't believe, why do we always talk about it?

OK, everyone here is an admitted Atheist.  I would love to have one string of discussion where we don't mention the thing we don't believe in.  All Atheists seem to do is talk about that thing and how other people are silly to believe in it or how other people will be upset if they find out we don't believe in it.  It's like someone with a gluten allergy constantly talking about bread in all its variations.  If you don't believe in it, it's really not worth mentioning.

We're Atheists.  Let's talk about life without that thing.  Don't mention it.  Not a single word.  Talk about your life in a positive way and not in a "Gee, I sure am glad I don't believe in that thing" way. 

I'd be interested to know how other Atheists swear. I always say "Oh My Word!" as I don't believe in that thing other people say and my word is stronger than that thing could ever be.  I also tend to say "Fuck!" a lot, but only because it is wishing anyone within hearing a pleasant experience.

I'm off to finish the dinner dishes and have a glass of something on the balcony. Discuss.

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Try spending a little time in Trumansburg or Dryden.  The Promise Keepers are out there.

Some of the most active groups on Nexus have almost no content related to religious topics.

But religion and religionists impact us continuously. There is nothing wrong with learning, venting, sharing strategies and experiences.

Thanks, Marty. You echo my sentiment about not spreading theistic memes.

Yes, there's work to be done in eliminating old exclamations and euphemisms from discourse too. I not infrequently find myself rewording posts to eliminate the crap still lingering in language learned decades ago.

My posts at AN are about real world issues. I've long since passed the stage of deconversion where theism has any relevance.

"If we don't believe, why do we always talk about it?"

I assume you ask this question from a serious standpoint? You are not kidding, or being sarcastic? 

I don't have any evidence that god exists, any god, and that there is no man assigned the task of redeeming me, or that there is a god who loves me or answers my prayers or solves my problems or heals my sickness, or saves me from hell or leads me to heaven.  There is no heaven and hell. 

I do have plenty of evidence that people who believe there is a god have a way of intruding into my life with notions they know what is right for me, how I should think and act, and want to impose their values, traditions, customs, beliefs and attitudes upon me. Many want access to my classroom so they can teach their nonsense, there are those want access to my bedroom so they can define my private and personal life. Some teach and preach to spare the rod and spoil the child, even as religious people abuse, assault, commit crimes against children and wives. Some even have the audacity to pass judgment on my dress or lifestyle. More than a few accuse me of not having a moral compass when religious history is full of murderous crusades, rape, exploitation, manipulation, and domination of others. 

I have no need for the preacher, teacher, busybody intruding into my affairs. I have a moral base that works far better than religious values. I define who I am and what is my purpose in life. I don't need someone else to impose these factors on me. Furthermore, some would have me remain silent in the face of fascism and domination. Well, that is just not going to happen. 

The ultimate put-down, discount, trivialization, demonization is when a non-believer even suggests that I should remain silent. What right anyone to impose their notions upon me. If someone wants to remain silent, or if people have no reason to make a loud noise, then do not do so. I don't care. Do what works for you. I am the judge of what I do for me. 

Marty posted this question because he lives in a leftist little "alternative" college town, Ithaca aka "Berkeley East", where there really isn't much religion, at least of the traditional sort (although alternative medicine is popular here, and that has similarities to a religion).    I know because I live there too. 

His question is reasonable, and that he would ask it suggests that he doesn't understand because living in Ithaca is very different than living in many other places.  There's a point to be taken from his not understanding:  Life is genuinely different in other places.  Sometimes the grass really is greener elsewhere. 

Marty left after apparently making only one post.  He probably came across A/N in an online search, saw how many of the discussions are about religion, and joined just to speak his mind about that.

He asked, can we have one discussion that isn't about religion?  There are discussions here that aren't about religion, but a cursory look doesn't show them. 

I don't ask the question he asked, because I already know that self-defined atheists are mostly in recovery from religion and and reaction to it. 

The nonbelievers are a different and much larger bunch, and atheist agenda will have a lot more influence if it can make good points to that larger bunch. 

So its another drive-by post. Oh well.

I thought the last line had an arrogant feel to it. Like a class assignment.

I think this is a good comment, and yet, the very name, Atheist, is immediately a statement that you suggest we avoid. So, let's talk about sports, or astrophysics, or how t-rex sounded when it was pissed off at the lousy conditions down at the Jurassic park.

My comment is pretty lame, but maybe it shows that this site is meant to talk about "that which shall not be named." Without those topics, here, it becomes like talking to a stranger on a park bench. My mama always said, "life is like a box of chocolates...".

I’m actually partial to some of the comments I’ve read that mention how we’re surrounded by people who Do Believe. Granted, that explanation may seem somewhat hollow from time to time, even to myself, but I’m also inclined to accept the reason for that as part of the development process of our society as a whole, after all Atheists have been struggling to establish themselves ad infinitum but only relatively recently in the history of society have we managed to get a veritable ‘foothold’. And according to the greater majority of religious society we represent an abnormality within “cultural norms”.

In reference to your comparison to “gluten allergies” I suppose a fair argument could be that ‘One doesn’t hear about people vexing, retaliating, or even killing those who cannot digest gluten’. That is to say: society has a far greater stigma about Atheism in general over that of Celiac disease. In fact, depending on whom you might speak with, Atheism might very well be categorized as the far greater ‘disease’ of the two.




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