would that change your mind or at least make you think some sort of god thing is more likely?


or would we explain it away by saying similar psychological and cultural forces were at play in development of the alien god concepts


I know the hypothetical involves much suspension of disbelief

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It does indeed involve a suspension of disbelief. I find it very hard to believe a culture advanced enuf to accomplish such a feat to have retained such illogical customs. And I would still have to believe that a god that was omnipotent was impossible.

Having said that I would have to figure that their belief means it might warrent another look. The universe is a big place and it is possible that it contains something a bit beyond our horizons.

I am a big star trek fan. Star trek is general quite secular and humanistic. Most races that worshipped a god were regarded as more bavkward. There were tho plenty of entities that exhibited abilities that were godlike in appearance, Q, for instance. The Bajorans worshiped these entities that lived in a wormhole and revered to them as prophets, I think. This entity took a personal interest in them. The wormhole aliens were not omnipotent, but as they did exist outside of our four space/time dimensins they were somewhat omniscient. As such the Bajorans having a relationship showing gratitude was actuality reasonable.

Worshipful aliens possibly might have a similar relationship w some other race.
"what does god need with a spaceship?"  Yes star trek was very much on my mind with this question
they bleed, you can figure from there... more illusions, more deviations form actual, real science of nature and probability; elements; 0's n 1's. favorite colors and sexual preferences; what?
All that would prove is that the emergence of intelligence does not preclude the emergence of stupidity.
good point. It is tempting to say that a society so technologically advanced would have rejected or never had a god concept. But look at us.  Maybe there hasn't been enough time yet.
Not that religion is souly responsable for all our problems, but if theists are given more time, they probably will fly more planes into buildings and escalate their destructive acts until they soon enuf wreck our entire planet.

I have a theist relative who was explaining to me that he very much believed that showing any long term concern for our planets environment to be a sin, as it showed a lack of faith that Jebus would be returning soon and set everything right again.
All that would prove is that the emergence of intelligence does not preclude the emergence of stupidity. Jim DePaulo


There's some wisdom there. My cat, for example, limited as she is intellectually, isn't stupid because she doesn't willfully reject reality.




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