i'm not so sure it will ever happen again.  barring a dramatic change in either the Republican party itself or the electorate, they may be shut out from occupying the White House ever again.  however, what if in, say, 2016 a Republican were to win?  specifically, i'm wondering if we might see the return of all the God talk from the GWB days.  

i assume there would be.  perhaps if it's a President Chris Christie some of that might get toned down (but maybe not).  but just about any other candidate would likely be some form of a) religious shuckster or b) a true believer.  either way i would expect lots shout outs to the almighty and his son over our national airways and internets.  

it's been 10 years since this country elected that type of President.  and we know that the percentage of non-religious has grown heavily over that decade.  most of the books from the leading "new atheists" had yet to be written.  the internet has allowed a cavalcade of former believers to join our ranks.  millions have left the church never to look back.  so how would all that God talk play out in 2016 America?  do you think there would be louder backlash than in the Bush years?  

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Supposedly we are having a republican resurgence in the mid term elections.  We will see.


Things seem to cycle.  Most people don't look very deeply and have short memories.  Spin and "oh, shiny" seem to take precedence.


There are a lot of unknowns between now and the next presidential election.  What happens if there is another disaster?  g*d forbid, another 911?  Katrina?  ISIS wins Iraq/Syria/Jordan/Egypt/Sudan?  The Western drought escalates problems in California?  Ebola hits these shores?  What if Hillary Clinton takes the ice bucket challenge?

It a T-shirt.

It seems like there are two possible scenarios.

1.) The Republican party drags out another crazy train of contenders to make all the candidates in their last attempt look like Einstein, and they're finally exposed for being as nutzoid as we think they are and there is finally a long overdue backlash, or

2.) We are well and truly screwed.

If the Rs take over the senate this November, just skip to #2.

I try to stay away from disaster scenarios, but before the supreme court installed gwb to the throne, i said if they did, we were fucked. I think I was right. thousands died, 911, Katrina mess, in Iraq, the economy went to shit... But did the nation learn anything?

sounds like you were prophetic, SB. the country does tend to have a short memory.  

The problem isn't just with the executive branch.  We still have to deal with both houses of Congress and particularly with the massively gerrymandered districts which have ensconced some representatives all but permanently in their current positions.

Even with that, a Republican president with a divided Congress would likely be as problematic as the present situation, depending on how much the R's and the D's want to play nice with each other.  Thing is, that isn't likely to be much.

...depending on how much the R's and the D's want to play nice with each other.

My readings of the history of Congress, along with Mark Twain's remark that the American criminal class is the Congress, told me that the two parties play nice with each other when they have teamed up to screw us.

Ohh, I think there is a good possibility on getting a Republican POTUS in the future. I believe it was H.L. Mencken that said no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public. But, in the short term, I think Bertold is absolutely correct.The R's have a good chance in taking control of Congress.

If they do, Mr. Brautigan's Door Number 2 will be a reality.

I don't think I could ever vote republican, but if they were to find a reasonable candidate (unlike anything that was proposed last time around), I would be willing to send a message to the dems about how dissatisfied I am with the direction they are going - by throwing my vote away to a third party. Corporations own this country, and both parties cater to this reality.

The one to watch for now is Rand Paul. Perhaps he can't swing enough votes to get himself elected, but he could swing enough votes to keep a Dem in the white house.

dude's got waaaaay too much baggage, imo.  

According to Maddow, Kentucky election laws don't let a candidate run for two offices simultaneously. To run for president, Paul will have to quit the Senate.




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