i'm not so sure it will ever happen again.  barring a dramatic change in either the Republican party itself or the electorate, they may be shut out from occupying the White House ever again.  however, what if in, say, 2016 a Republican were to win?  specifically, i'm wondering if we might see the return of all the God talk from the GWB days.  

i assume there would be.  perhaps if it's a President Chris Christie some of that might get toned down (but maybe not).  but just about any other candidate would likely be some form of a) religious shuckster or b) a true believer.  either way i would expect lots shout outs to the almighty and his son over our national airways and internets.  

it's been 10 years since this country elected that type of President.  and we know that the percentage of non-religious has grown heavily over that decade.  most of the books from the leading "new atheists" had yet to be written.  the internet has allowed a cavalcade of former believers to join our ranks.  millions have left the church never to look back.  so how would all that God talk play out in 2016 America?  do you think there would be louder backlash than in the Bush years?  

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I wonder if he would have the nerve to give up his Senate seat. His recent skittering away from the "dreamers" indicates his chances at actually getting the nomination (especially among the collection of psychos the Rs will come up with) are not so good. When Romney's the cream of the crop, things are dire.

Mitch, 'the turtle' McConnell is up again in ky. With all the money of the Koch brothers behind him. If I thought for an instant it would help l would make a list of any god l could find and send prayers for his defeat. Lol

He is such a political skank! Just hearing him talk makes me want to puke even more than Boehner.

This just in: While we were sleeping, the US went into the shitter and there's a good chance it will stay there unless some miracle happens: 

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

When Obama was elected, I was pretty sure it was going to be more of the same. Due to eight years of Bush, I was desperate enough to give Obama six weeks to see if he would at least try to fulfill his campaign promises. As Ian Malcolm said, "Boy do I hate being right all the time." :( :( :( :( :( Let's be honest. Obama didn't try. As pissed off as the right wing is, you would think he had actually tried. Hey, Obama, if you're going to be hated, at least do something you can be hated for. Unlike Yoda, I would have settled for "try." You didn't even do that.

I'm reasonably sure we're going under, but if you think The United States is worth saving, or if you're from another country and are scared to death we're going to bomb your asses if we do go under, look into this:




This is a desperate attempt to get money out of politics by passing an amendment via Article V, skirting Washington, D.C. altogether. Personally, I think Washington is too corrupt to help the citizenry in any way. If two thirds of all states pass this amendment, we would be legally obligated to throw out every single bum in D.C. So far, California and Vermont are on board. More will follow. I think there's a good chance this thing will pass.

BUT...I don't know what will happen if it does pass. Those money grubbers at the capitol aren't going anywhere just because some inconvenient law tells them to hit the road. How are we going to get all those rich, obnoxious SOBs to give up a good thing? I know the illusion of a democracy is a big reason why nothing has been done up to this point. Maybe if the amendment is passed it will, indeed, force change, either through law or through the shitstorm that will happen if the bums don't GTFO. Then there's the more likely scenario where we roll over, wag our tails and offer our throats to the plutocrats. 

I agree, AiFL, but what took the "scientists" so long (since conventions in the states ratified the 1787 Constitution) to decide that America is an oligarchy?

The US Senate and House are democracies (one member one vote, majority rule, etc) but have long been corrupt. Mark Twain is alleged to have said the Congress is America's criminal class.

Postscript, AiFL.

Real reform won't happen until we amend the Constitution to provide a national initiative and referendum (I&R). Don't count on Congress to do it; we would use it to clean up Congress.

About half of the states have direct I&R (what the voters adopt becomes law); at least one, Massachusetts, has an indirect I&R (what the voters adopt goes to the legislature where it can be killed by a voice vote and people won’t know which of their “representatives” voted to kill it).

Most of the states with I&R are in the West. In Arizona, statehood supporters added it to their draft constitution because they didn’t want the corruption they saw in Eastern states. In California, when statehood supporters added I&R to their draft constitution, opponents brought out their "It's socialism!" attack but it failed.



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