If Women Were the Only Homo Sapiens left on Earth...

(that is, if all the men were to die tomorrow....and by men I mean people with penises)

WOULD THERE STILL BE WARFARE?!? What's your take and WHY?!?

(and by warfare I mean mass open fighting and killing with guns, bombs, planes, and tanks)

new addition: 12:27 AM, August 6, 2009: I'm sorry, but I must thrust this upon myself seeing as how some people are leaning on it in part in their replies. LET US consider, as part of this question, a caveat, and that is this: All the men have died, and women have found a way, through science, to carry on the human species. They just can't grow any more men, only women can still be born. There. The continuation-of-the-species problem has just been godwinked. by ME

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I don't think so. Women tend to settle differences of opinion in much different ways than do men.

In my opinion, wars are fueled largely by testosterone and are, at the very bottom, little more than elaborate and collective dick measuring contests.

I'm not saying that women don't fight, they do and on occasion their fights are quite viscous. But, female combat tends to be more one-on-one in nature. Men are far more likely to bond together in large groups and set forth to do battle with some other bonded group. It may have something to do with avoiding dish-washing and diaper-changing.
Short answer: Bullshit,both the warfare and the infanticide claims.

"Some woman says-----"

Like those Samoan girls who conned that dopey twat Margaret Mead.

I'll believe it when some evidence is published..
>> I'll believe it when some evidence is published..

Even then you need to question your source and the methods of the author. Mead's bullshit based on absurd lies, is still considered fact in most of academia today.
A sceptic,I try to avoid accepting any claim simply on the basis who made it.

"Mead's bullshit based on absurd lies, is still considered fact in most of academia today."

"Most"? In disciplines not connected to the social sciences, probably.So what?

From what I've read,Mead was probably more lied to to than a liar.
The Daily Mail is about as reputable a "newspaper" as the Weekly World News once was. Naturally, that doesn't automatically make what they print untrue, but... it's The Daily Mail. That automatically puts all content of this article into question.
Yes, I do believe there would still be warfare and conflict. I think both men and women crave power and control, I would find it sexist to assume that either are more prone to warfare. I have worked for both women bosses and men bosses, there is no difference between a power hungry male or power hungry female. It would be like asking if all breeds of dog became extinct, would fleas stop attacking all animals because the animal we attribute them to is no more? What about the middle ages when the Queen controlled all? I have seen no period of great peace because of a woman ruler, not saying that there can't be; there is an equal playing field in war.
I agree with you.I have see the same thing myself.I have met many violent woman and don't believe wars would stop because there were no men.
I think they'd be very busy trying to artificially conceive males before the species went extinct.
well, all smartass answers aside, including the scenario which is also ENTIRELY hypothetical just like the question originally asked...

christ, i knew someone was going to come along and make that mistake.....
lol, exactly! In the whole situation, it's not a question of whether warfare would cease due to the loss of males, it's a question of how would warfare change.
I have no idea if warfare would still exist. But I don't for a second think women are any better at working out their differences than men are.

There are times when women are really great at working together. But this really only happens if they are like minded. I've been on several mom message boards that always seem to devolve into a mob mentality at stressful times/topics. The popular (ie. powerful) moms can do no wrong but those that dare to disagree (whether right or wrong) are shamed, berated and typically sent packing. I have no doubt that in real life women would be just as likely to separate themselves into like minded groups resulting in some kind of "warfare" with rival groups.
That is so true. I too have seen what the "mob mentality" can do, even on something as impersonal as an online forum, and the results are terrifying. Blow up the scenario to include all women, all over, without the interference of men (or children) and I bet the results would be the same but on a much larger scale.

I definitely think war would still exist, and I think it could have the potential to be a lot more devastating.




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