Find out more about the effect of Rick Perry's anti-science stance.  A film by Houston's own Joe Bailey, Jr., and UT film professor, Steve Mims, tells the tale of the Willingham Case, which documents the haunted legacy of a prosecution built on folklore.  Rick Perry ignores the science that could have saved a man's life.

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Excellent. I've always wondered about this case, and I've read a bit about it and seen shows about it. What made me mad the most was that there was a group that was appointed to look into some of the death penalty cases (I believe after they were executed) to investigate whether there was corruption and the executed was innocent (as it is widely believed that Willingham is, that his conviction was based on faulty fire "science"), and when the group was getting close to proving it, or to saying they believed he was innocent, Perry removed those people from the group, and the case just disappeared. Made me so angry!! (I learned about it in the book The Devil & Sherlock Holmes by David Grann.)


I used to be very pro-death penalty. But in the last several years, I've really researched a lot of cases and gotten into the Innocence Project, and I am 100% convinced that innocent men (and women, probably, though there are a lot less women that are executed) have been executed, and many more innocent people go to prison. Just look at the West Memphis 3, who were finally released yesterday, and still the prosecution won't ever, ever, ever admit that there was any mistake or wrongdoing. It just makes me ill!

Me too.  It is very sad.
That Perry is even governor is proof of how broken our politics is.
And for such a long time! How is this possible? I know I didn't vote for him. But I also never heard so much about his crazy religious beliefs before he started being mentioned for president. Anyone who doesn't accept evolution is an automatic no from me! So there goes Perry, Bachmann, and Paul!

Yeah, but can we take another 4 years of that insanity?  He could get a supreme court appointee or two, during that time.  Can you imagine what it would be like if we had one of the liberal judges replaced by another psycho conservative who doesn't think the Constitution protects women, because it repeatedly says 'men'?


Which is that again, anyway?  I forget.  Scalia?

Seriously? Scalia believes that? What an ass.
One of them.  Not sure I have the name right.

You have the name right.  Guess it shouldn't surprise me.

Hmm, go me.  I really know my assholes.

... don't read too much into that statement.




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