then I refuse to read it.

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Who closed comments?
Riomarcos closed comments on his blog about bull fighting.
argh he moderates comments on his profile page so I cant post a complaint there. I hate that.
I don't have that harsh of a reaction to closed blogs, but I am curious as to why anyone does it. I don't see any spam on other blog comments, or the forum for that matter.
M.B., its inaccurate to characterize my choice as "harsh". I'm simply exercising my right to choose whose blog I will or will not read and I choose to NOT read those blogs where comments are closed.
Sorry, you misunderstood my (admittedly vague) comment. By "that harsh", I simply meant I didn't personally have any ill-feelings toward blogs with closed comments. My bad.
This is weeniedom. If people are too sensitive to comments, then they should not post in the public area. If they insist on posting in public, then they need to stand by what they say and the community has a right of reply. Anything less and it's simple drive by graffiti.
Now, let me be clear about this. I've shut down comments on threads I've started but only after the drift was so bad the discussion was not at all related to the thread I started.
HO-CHEE-MAMA! That guy looks like an old silverback!
At least you know the comments are closed on these before you even respond. What annoys me even more are the ones that the OP screens the replies. You can type up some major response only to find out it might never be posted at all. Those are where the through-the-monitor-internet-slap button would come in handy.
Should just keep bumping this thread for each new closed comment piece of front page splatter.

Listen up losers - the quality of your contribution is not relevant. What is relevant is that you are to much of a weenie to stand by what you say. If you don't want comments, mark your post private and stop wasting other people's space.




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